White Spots on Teeth When Sick

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

August 07, 2023

Ever notice those pesky white spots on teeth when sick and feeling under the weather? It's not just your imagination! Illness can sometimes trigger these unsightly marks, often due to factors like bacteria overgrowth, nutritional deficits, or even certain medications. 

But don't fret! With a proven track record, we at SNOW are here to help you combat those stubborn white spots, ensuring your smile remains radiant even when you're feeling a bit down. 

Dive in to discover the causes behind these spots and how our top-notch whitening teeth products can be your teeth's best ally during sickness to restore your confident, spot-free smile. 

Let's get started! 

What this article covers:

6 Unexpected Causes of White Spots on Teeth When Sick

White stuff on teeth, often referred to as decalcification or enamel hypoplasia, can be a cause for concern for many. These spots are typically the result of a loss of minerals in the enamel layer of the tooth.

While there are various reasons for the appearance of these spots, our findings show that these six unexpected causes below can be linked to health conditions or habits, especially when you’re sick: 

1. Bacteria Overgrowth

Bacteria thrive in our mouths, especially in a highly acidic environment that results from eating. Poor brushing techniques can allow bacteria to flourish, leading to the stripping of minerals from teeth. 

This can result in white specks on teeth that may progress to cavities. Dental appliances like braces can make brushing challenging, emphasizing the importance of meticulous oral hygiene.

white spots on teeth while sick

2. Too Much Fluoride

While fluoride is beneficial for teeth, excessive amounts can lead to a condition called fluorosis. This condition is more common in children, as their developing teeth are more susceptible. Fluorosis can result in enamel hypoplasia, leading to permanent discoloration with white spots.

3. Nutritional Deficits

Through our practical knowledge, we can tell you that a diet lacking in essential minerals, especially calcium, can weaken tooth enamel. Conditions like celiac disease, which affects nutrient absorption, can also lead to significant demineralized white spots on teeth.

4. Certain Medications

Some medications, especially certain antibiotics, can interfere with the formation of tooth enamel, making it easier for bacteria to cause damage. This can result in white spots, especially in children.

5. Smoking While Pregnant

Smoking during pregnancy can harm the developing teeth of the unborn child, leading to enamel hypoplasia. This can result in your baby having teeth with white spots or other discolorations.

6. High Fevers

Especially in children, high fevers can lead to white spots on teeth. During a fever, dehydration can occur, allowing acids to damage the teeth, leading to white spots. It's essential to maintain oral hygiene even during sickness.

While white spots on teeth can be a cosmetic concern, understanding their causes can help in prevention and treatment. Maintaining good oral hygiene and using dentist-formulated whitening products by SNOW are crucial in addressing and preventing these spots.

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth While Sick

So you’re wondering how to get rid of white spots on teeth at home while you’re sick? The good news is that prevention begins right in your bathroom. On this journey to a brighter smile, we have three easy steps to help you adopt a comprehensive oral care routine.

Teeth Whitening Solutions And Products

At SNOW, we have specific whitening products that can maintain your teeth's health and color and prevent white spots when you’re unwell, such as: 

Teeth Whitening Strips

Our teeth whitening strips can easily be integrated into your daily routine; just stick them on your teeth for the instructed time, and voila! You're one step closer to a whiter, brighter smile after 15 minutes of use every day.

white spots on teeth while sick

Whitening Mouthwash

Rinse your mouth with our specially formulated whitening mouthwash. Our research indicates that it helps fight bacteria, giving your pearly whites an extra boost of brightness.

Teeth Whitening Kit

For those who want a comprehensive solution, our all-in-one teeth whitening kit is the complete package. It combines the power of LED light technology with our potent serum made with hydrogen peroxide, designed to reach every corner of your mouth and tackle plaque buildup head on.

Proper Nutrition

White stuff on teeth near the gums can be a result of mineral loss, often referred to as enamel hypoplasia or decalcification. 

That’s why we recommend consuming a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D to help strengthen your teeth. This includes foods like: 

  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • leafy greens

Additionally, avoid sugary foods and drinks, as they can promote bacterial growth and further demineralization. Our findings show that drinking water regularly can also help in remineralizing teeth and preventing white spots on teeth dehydration concerns.

Oral Hygiene

It's essential for everyone to maintain good oral hygiene. We recommend brushing at least twice a day and flossing regularly. 

Based on our observations, regular brushing and flossing ensures that you get rid of the white hard stuff on your teeth caused by food particles and plaque accumulation, preventing decay and the formation of those pesky white spots.

Here are some of our other whitening products below that can elevate your brushing routine and oral health.

Whitening Foam

We've developed a gentle formula for our teeth whitening foam that not only helps remove stains but also whitens teeth. We suggest using it daily for optimal results.

Whitening Powder

Our teeth whitening powder is another effective product from SNOW’s range. When used alongside your regular toothpaste, it enhances the teeth whitening process.

LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush

We've equipped our high-quality LED teeth whitening toothbrush with a blue LED light that supports the whitening process. Additionally, its sonic technology ensures a thorough cleaning. We've also incorporated multiple modes, like Clean, Whiten, Polish, and Sensitive, to cater to your specific oral care needs.

Whitening Toothpaste

At SNOW, we've formulated our tooth whitening toothpaste with ingredients such as nano-hydroxyapatite for remineralizing and repairing tooth enamel. 

It also contains hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down plaque and whitens teeth, and kaolin clay, a mineral-rich natural bleaching agent. Our toothpaste is specifically designed to combat stains and ensure your breath stays fresh.

By combining proper nutrition with a consistent oral hygiene routine that includes our specialized whitening products, you can effectively address and prevent the appearance of white spots on your teeth while you’re sick.

white stuff at bottom of teeth


In our journey today, we delved deep into the mystery of 'white spots on teeth when sick' and unraveled its primary causes. 

But remember, every problem has a solution. With SNOW by your side, achieving that dream smile is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality. 

Why let illness steal the sparkle from your smile? Take control today and say goodbye to those unwanted white spots with our expert whitening solutions. Try out SNOW teeth whitening products now - your radiant smile awaits!

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