How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

July 24, 2023

Stained teeth are more common than you may think. 

Our teeth stain from things we eat as well as activities like smoking, so the best and most effective solution would be teeth whitening. 

But how often should you whiten your teeth? 

Not following the recommended schedule can cause damaged gums and teeth, so let’s make sure you do this properly.

What this article covers:

Teeth Whitening Treatment

What is it?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic process that gives the tooth's surface a whiter appearance and is possibly the best way to whiten teeth.

Even though teeth whitening cannot make teeth dazzling white, it’s an efficient approach to lightening the current color without harming the tooth's surface.

how many times can you whiten your teeth

When is it recommended?

If you’re asking yourself, “How white are my teeth?” You can do a few tests, but it’s always better to do your research. 

Tooth enamel discoloration ranges in intensity, making smiling difficult. That’s why we recommend trying expert at-home kits and whitening products to remove medium to dark stains between teeth

How Often Can You Whiten Your Teeth?

In our experience, professional teeth whitening is usually done once a year or every 18 months. We recommend using at-home kits every four to six months.

You should only whiten your teeth as often as your dentist advises. If not done correctly, it may result in gum irritation and damage to the enamel.

How Often Are Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments Needed?

In-office teeth whitening procedures are essential for patients seeking a whiter, brighter smile. The frequency depends on the patient's schedule and needs, lasting anywhere from six months to two years.  

how often can you bleach your teeth

How long should you wait between whitening sessions?

At-home bleaching can be used regularly, as long as you space them out by four hours each time. This enables your enamel to recover from any harm the whitening gel may have caused.

Keep the teeth whitening trays in for a minimum of 6 hours and space them out by 1-2 days for best results.

How often can you whiten your teeth at home using over the counter products? 

You can use OTC teeth whitening products every day, but follow the product instructions carefully. Based on our observations, you should have a regular daily routine without doing it more than once per day.

So, now that we can answer the question: “What is teeth whitening?” Here's a list of the best teeth-whitening products.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

For professional results, Snow's multi-award-winning teeth-whitening kit combines an innovative proprietary whitening solution with LED light technology. 

how often can you whiten your teeth

When you use this product, tough stains don’t stand a chance. The sophisticated whitening gel composition and active substances used in this package quickly remove stains. 

It uses strong whitening chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide and LED lights to achieve the best possible whitening results.

After putting it to the test, we can confirm that this teeth whitening kit is well worth it.

Advanced Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit

Drawing from our experience, this teeth whitening kit provides you with similar results as a professional tooth whitening procedure at a fraction of the price.

how often should i whiten my teeth

It penetrates deeper into your teeth for brighter, longer-lasting effects with its ground-breaking red light for gum support and blue light for whitening support. Its quick-acting and long-lasting effects efficiently whiten your teeth in minutes.

It is mild, enamel-safe, and works within seconds. The fact that the whitening serum gel isn't messy and easily sticks to your teeth as it whitens is an additional benefit.

It's a cinch to use because a dentist developed it, and it comes highly recommended too.

Sensitive and Dissolvable Teeth Whitening Strips

The Sensitive Snow Strips are the first dissolvable teeth-whitening strips that strengthen the enamel on teeth by utilizing hydroxyapatite, a naturally-occurring mineral that promotes remineralization.

how often can i whiten my teeth

They effectively whiten teeth and are enamel-friendly. They also promote healthy, robust enamel, strengthening and repairing it while simultaneously maintaining white teeth. 

Each package contains 28 repositionable teeth whitening strips that are accessible to everyone. They are also paraben-free, sulfate-free, vegan, and gluten-free.


Teeth whitening is good for figuring out how to keep your teeth white, but the dosage shouldn’t be abused. Be sure to first consult with a dentist, then read the instructions on your teeth whitening products carefully before use.

So, if you are wondering, “How often should you whiten your teeth?”, don’t do it more than once a day. And if you want a good at-home teeth whitening kit, look no further than SNOW.

Our teeth whitening products are safe and easy to use, so let us help you boost your confidence, one brilliant smile at a time.

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