Permanent Teeth Whitening

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

July 24, 2023

When it comes to permanent teeth whitening, there isn’t a solution that offers everlasting brilliance, but we do have a silver lining for making your pearly whites gleam longer. The secret lies in impeccable oral hygiene, a watchful diet, and top-notch at-home whitening products. 

As your guide on this luminous journey, we'll introduce you to the stars of SNOW's whitening lineup, from our revolutionary whitening kit to ultra-effective whitening strips, refreshing mouthwash, potent whitening powder, effervescent foam, and our dynamic whitening toothbrush, and help you unlock a longer-lasting radiant smile.   

What this article covers:

Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

Permanent teeth whitening doesn't exist because teeth are constantly exposed to foods, drinks, and behaviors that can stain them over time. Natural aging also affects tooth color.

is teeth whitening permanent

However, at-home whitening products can be beneficial for helping you maintain a brighter smile. 

Products like our home teeth whitening kit effectively lift stains and rejuvenate your teeth's appearance with its deep bleaching tooth whitening properties.

By incorporating an at-home whitening product like this into your regular dental care routine, you can: 

  • extend the duration of your whitening results
  • protect tooth enamel
  • soothe tooth sensitivity
  • combat new discolorations
  • keep your teeth looking fresher for longer

Our findings show that consistent maintenance with over-the-counter whitening products ensures the longevity of a whiter, more radiant smile.

How Long Does Tooth Whitening Last?

If you’re using over-the-counter products like SNOW’s teeth whitening kit, the whitening effects can last anywhere from a few months up to 3 years. Your diet, lifestyle, and genetics are ultimately what determine the overall health and color of your teeth.  

How to Make Your Whitening Results Last Longer With SNOW’s At-Home Products

Even though teeth whitening isn’t permanent, there are still plenty of ways to maintain your whitening results for longer. 

And it starts with learning how to professionally whiten teeth at home using different types of teeth whitening treatments available over-the-counter. 

Through our practical knowledge, whitening your teeth at home is a revolution in approaching your permanent oral health. You’ll love these whitening methods by SNOW even more because they’re convenient, flexible, and affordable. 

With the best teeth whitening products we have to offer, you can achieve results that match and even surpass what you might get from conventional dental procedures. Let's guide you through maximizing your experience with our wide range of at-home products below. 

permanent tooth whitening

Teeth Whitening Strips

Our whitening strips for teeth are a simple and convenient way to kick-start your whitening journey. If you dislike traditional whitening methods, these patented strips are right up your alley. They work magically to strip away years of stains, dissolving in under 15 minutes. 

These whitening strips are practically invisible, eliminating the gooey mess, and they have a pleasant lavender mint flavor. We can promise you noticeable results after just three uses, whitening up to seven shades with a single box. 

Our whitening strips are enamel-safe, great for people with tooth sensitivity, and help freshen your breath with their antibacterial properties. 

Whitening Mouthwash

Our mouthwash for teeth whitening is a natural solution for a brighter smile and fresh breath. It’s free from harsh ingredients like alcohol to ensure a gentle experience. Made with all-natural ingredients, including soothing aloe and refreshing mint, it combats stains effectively, so your whitening results last longer. 

Teeth Whitening Toothbrush

Our specially designed electric whitening toothbrush will take your oral health to the next level. This dynamic toothbrush not only cleans but also whitens teeth with its blue LED light technology. It boasts advanced sonic technology for superior cleaning and offers four unique modes: Clean, Whiten, Polish, and Sensitive. 

Based on our observations, you can make your whitening results last longer by pairing this toothbrush with our powder to whiten teeth. By brushing regularly with this combination, you can combat daily stains from food and drinks and maintain a brighter smile.

Teeth Whitening Foam

If you have a night guard or aligners, then our tooth whitening foam is an excellent whitening companion, designed to keep both your smile radiant and your dental devices pristine. Even if you don't use aligners or night guards, this foam is a must-have in your daily routine. 

permanent whitening teeth

It's formulated to gently whiten teeth overnight and freshen aligners and retainers. The foam contains hydroxyapatite and arginine to support enamel health. To prolong your whitening results, you can incorporate this foam into your daily dental regimen, using it as a gentle toothpaste or in conjunction with our other SNOW® products. It's vegan-approved and free of parabens.

The key to achieving longer-lasting, whiter teeth lies in consistency. Regular use of our at-home products, coupled with maintaining good oral hygiene, brings you closer to a radiant, confident smile. 


While exploring permanent teeth whitening, we've established that no whitening method can actually accomplish this. But with a mix of steadfast oral hygiene, a mindful diet, and the transformative powers of SNOW's at-home whitening range, maintaining your luminous smile for years to come is well within reach. 

Don't just dream about a sparkling smile; make it your reality. Are you ready to elevate your teeth-whitening game? Embark on a radiant journey with us, from our trailblazing whitening kit and strips to our revitalizing mouthwash, powder, foam, and innovative toothbrush. 

Shop SNOW's range of teeth whitening products today and achieve and maintain a dazzling, whiter smile that’s here to stay!

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