White Hard Stuff on Teeth

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

August 07, 2023

Ever noticed little white spots on your teeth and wondered, “What is the white hard stuff on teeth?” The answer is pretty simple - it’s calcium build-up. While that sounds intimidating, it’s nothing good dental hygiene can’t fix. 

Today, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the causes and cures for calcium build-up. 

No one wants yellowed teeth, calcium buildup, or bad breath! If you want to get rid of these annoying things, read on. 

What this article covers:

What Do White Spots on Your Teeth Mean?

White spots on teeth mean one thing (hint: it’s calcium build-up) and that’s no good. Dental plaque causes all kinds of issues like bad breath, yellow teeth, and, in serious cases, infection.

white stuff in between teeth

There are different kinds of calcium build-up like dental calculus, calcium deposits, tartar, and plaque. Sadly, you can’t brush away calcium deposits that easily. 

Without proper intervention, it could also cause bad breath, eat away at tooth enamel, and increase tooth sensitivity. 

Calcium Deposits

Like dental calculus, calcium deposits are also hardened plaque. They’re the bits of soft, sticky film that you find in the morning before brushing, and they look like white specks on teeth.

If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, plaque builds up and hardens to form calcium deposits. You can’t simply brush it off with a good scrub with your toothbrush, and you can’t just leave it to fix itself either. 

As per our expertise, if left untreated, plaque houses tons of bacteria, which can cause tooth decay and infection. 


Tartar is a form of calcium deposit that gathers on the teeth and gums. Bacteria combining with food residue and forming sticky plaque is the cause of it. Usually, when plaque forms, a good brushing usually removes it, but if you don’t brush, it’ll harden and become tartar. 

Tartar is a disgusting yellow-brown color and will weaken tooth enamel and increase tooth sensitivity. It’ll also cause bad breath, and no one wants that. 


Have you ever wondered what plaque is and why it always seems to be forming on your teeth? Plaque is the white stuff at the bottom of teeth caused by a combination of food residue, saliva, fluids, and bacteria. 

Our findings show that harmful bacteria in plaque produce acids that damage your tooth enamel, teeth, and gums. Without regular brushing, it also stains your teeth, gives you smelly breath, and causes dental calculus. 

hard white on teeth

How to Remove White Hard Stuff on Teeth Without a Dentist

Now that we’ve covered the basics of plaque, tartar, and calcium deposits, we’ll tell you how to get rid of them! 

Here’s how to remove white spots on teeth at home and keep your teeth gleaming. Dental health care is vital to keeping your smile sparkling and your confidence high. 

Brush your teeth twice a day 

This should be a no-brainer but brush your teeth twice a day for about two minutes. We know that time is money, and it’s hard to find time to breathe, let alone brush for two minutes, but trust us, it is worth it. Brushing for a measly 30 seconds just won’t cut it. 

You should use a brush with soft bristles to reach all the nooks and crannies behind your teeth. After putting it to the test, we found that a teeth-whitening toothbrush is great for keeping your teeth clean and white. 

what is the white hard stuff on my teeth

Floss regularly

Flossing is such a chore but a necessary evil. Brushing is essential, but it can’t always reach the gunk stuck between your teeth. Flossing cleans the food, bacteria, and plaque between your teeth and ensures that you don’t leave the house with funky-smelling breath. It also prevents white spots on teeth from dehydration

Use natural or homemade remedies

Brushing, flossing, and proper dental care are essential for preventing dental calculus from forming, but what if you already have it? Well, you could go to the dentist, but at-home products are super effective and kinder on your wallet. 

Luckily, there are some natural remedies you could try:

Baking Soda: Try adding some baking soda to your toothpaste to whiten your teeth and get rid of dental build-up. Scrub your teeth and leave the baking soda on for about 15 minutes before rinsing. Fair warning: it doesn’t taste that great, but it’s an all-natural way to get rid of dental build-up. 

  • White Vinegar: White vinegar is another great way to cut through tartar. Mix white vinegar and a bit of salt in a glass of warm water. Gargle the solution once a day, and those pesky dental build-ups will be gone before you know it. 

Orange Peels: It sounds unconventional, but rubbing the inside of an orange peel along your gums and teeth is fantastic for getting rid of tartar and plaque. Try mashing it into a paste and applying it with a toothbrush. Its vitamin C and antimicrobial properties cut right through plaque and remove tartar. 

Use OTC teeth whitening products

Now, the best way to get rid of dental build-up and tartar is by adding some bleach-based teeth-whitening products to your dental routine. The easiest one to add would be teeth-whitening powder or teeth-whitening foam

After trying out these products, teeth-whitening strips and whitening mouthwash work fantastically to brighten your smile and prevent nasty plaque build-up.

what is the white stuff that builds up on your teeth

If you’re looking to splurge, we also recommend you check out some amazing teeth-whitening kits. They have everything you need to achieve a gorgeous smile without spending hundreds of dollars at the dentist. 

With the right products, you won’t have any white spots on your teeth after whitening!


Fighting dental calculus can be a nightmare. You especially don’t want to be saddled with bad breath, yellow teeth, or the risk of infection. It’s a good thing that there are so many ways to get rid of plaque and tartar and whiten your smile. 

So, why not check out SNOW’s wide range of teeth whitening products and achieve the smile you deserve?

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