Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

July 24, 2023

You might be wondering “Should I whiten my teeth?”

Noticing that your smile isn't as that white is a real bummer. There are tons of reasons why teeth become discolored - usually anything from drinking too much coffee and tea to the aging process. In that case, whitening your teeth might be worth exploring. 

Before deciding if teeth whitening is right for you, consider a few factors first, like: 

  • Underlying dental issues
  • The degree of staining
  • Your tooth sensitivity 

Finding safe whitening options is your next best bet for a brighter, more radiant smile. This article discusses teeth whitening and explores some safe DIY options for you.

What this article covers:

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening makes your natural teeth appear whiter and brighter. At-home bleaching products and kits in particular use whitening agents to deeply penetrate tooth enamel and remove intrinsic discoloration.

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Who Can Do Teeth Whitening?

Nowadays, pretty much anyone can do teeth whitening. They range from professional treatments to at-home whitening kits and products. 

How can I keep my teeth white? You can keep your teeth white by practicing good dental hygiene and using affordable over the counter whitening products. 

Is teeth whitening at the dentist worth it? Yes, teeth whitening at the dentist is totally worth it, but it’ll cost ya. You can achieve similar results for a lot less money by using at-home whitening products to guard against tooth sensitivity and gum disease.  

Are white teeth attractive? Yes, white teeth are attractive. Add in evenly-spaced teeth with healthy gums, and you’ve got yourself an extra-gorgeous smile guaranteed to make heads turn.

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What Are the Risks of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is pretty safe. But like anything in life, there are some risks. You may experience some side effects, like:

  • Teeth sensitivity: This is common after the first or second whitening treatment but diminishes with time. We recommend using a whitening gel containing Mentha Piperita to reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Gum irritation: Whitening products might irritate your gums, but this also goes away quickly.
  • Stomach upset: In rare cases, you may get an upset stomach or nausea after swallowing bleaching agents. We recommend eating bland foods and drinking plenty of fluids to alleviate these symptoms.

Why Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Still on the fence about whitening your teeth? Here are some reasons to consider it.

The Whitening Process Removes Surface Stains

For those with lighter tooth discoloration, OTC bleaching agents work wonders. When applied correctly, they remove surface stains caused by coffee, tea, smoking, and other lifestyle choices to give you super white teeth. Read and follow the instructions carefully before applying any whitening products.

Improve Your Appearance

Do you feel self-conscious any time you open your mouth to smile or talk? Teeth whitening can boost your confidence and improve the way you look. How white can teeth get? Most teeth whitening solutions lighten your teeth by 1-2 shades. Flashing a shinier smile will make people see you in a whole new light!

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Boost Your Confidence

For an instant confidence boost, teeth whitening does the trick, making you feel more attractive and self-assured in social and professional situations. You'll no longer spend hours in the mirror obsessing over the spots and stains on your teeth.

Look Years Younger

Teeth yellowing and discoloration are some signs of aging. White teeth, just like the whites in your eyes, indicate youthfulness. Whitening teeth can reduce the appearance of age by several years. It partially undoes the harm that aging and lifestyle choices like using tobacco products cause.

Can I Naturally Whiten My Teeth?

With home remedies for teeth whitening, you might find yourself spoiled for choice. However, natural ingredients like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide may remove surface stains but won't work well for deeper discoloration. 

You should only use these remedies occasionally - they may cause tooth erosion if used too often. For safer teeth whitening, we recommend using these true and tested OTC products.

Teeth Whitening Mouthwash

Created with natural mint for fresher breath, this mouthwash for whitening teeth is the perfect solution for intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration. It contains soothing aloe and is free of harsh ingredients like alcohol that dry out your mouth.

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Teeth Whitening Kit

Looking for fast-acting and longer-lasting whitening results? This professional teeth whitening kit is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s enamel safe, using a vegan-friendly formula to deliver results to 100% of users in just 21 days.

Teeth Whitening Foam

This award-winning whitening teeth foam works while you sleep and contains hydroxyapatite and arginine, which promote enamel health. It is also free of parabens, loved by vegans, and ideal for cleaning aligners and retainers. You can use it up to 150 times and save lots of cash. Just spray the foam into the tray of your aligner or night guard, and viola! 

Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth whitening dust adds whitening effects to any toothpaste. This product has multiple whitening ingredients and lasts up to six months. It's gentle on the teeth and has a delicious lavender and mint flavor.

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Teeth Whitening Toothbrush

This electric toothbrush has a blue LED, which increases its whitening effect, and features advanced sonic technology for better cleaning. Additionally, it has four unique brushing modes that offer tailored brushing to suit all your needs.


With so many options available, it can be daunting to choose the right teeth-whitening product. Understanding your own particular needs and lifestyle will guide you toward the best option. Check out SNOW's magic line-up of oral cosmetic solutions to find your custom-tailored choice today! 

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