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SNOW’s water flosser tips are made with antibacterial-treated plastic and are designed to be used with our brand-new Water Flosser. This unique antibacterial-treated plastic helps create a sterile environment and inhibits bacterial growth from building up inside or outside your flosser tip. Stay stocked on flosser tips and order a few extra for travel! We recommend replacing your water flosser tips within six months for optimal cleaning performance. 

  • Antibacterial treated plastic
  • Lightweight + compact
  • Easy to use
  • Replace every six months


  • (2) Water flosser tips


  1. Attach the tip to the top of the water flosser.
  2. Expand the water tank and fill it with water and your SNOW whitening additive/concentrates (coming soon!), if desired.
  3. Insert the flosser tip into your mouth, turn the power on, select your water pressure mode, lean over the sink, and gently glide the tip over your gum line.

Troubleshooting - If your flosser is leaking, ensure the nozzle is completely clicked in and expand the reservoir completely

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Included in this pack: Whitening Water Flosser + Water Flosser Teeth Whitening Drops + Charcoal Whitening Floss Picks