How White Are My Teeth?

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

July 24, 2023

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “How white are my teeth?” You’re not alone. 

Everyone's pearly whites come in diverse shades, and it's not just about brushing habits. From the coffee you sip to your genetic blueprint—and even your age, diet, and the medications you take—influence the hue of your smile.  

But here's the silver lining: SNOW's at-home whitening products are your go-to solution. Not only can we help you decipher the exact shade of your teeth's whiteness, but we can also help you maintain that radiant, healthy smile you've always desired. 

Dive in, and let's embark on a journey to a brighter smile!

What this article covers:

How Do I Know What Shade My Teeth Are?

Drawing from our experience, knowing the exact shade of your teeth can help you choose the right whitening treatment for your needs. That’s why we recommend using a dental shade guide. As per our expertise, this guide comprises a range of tooth colors, arranged from the lightest to the darkest.

determining your teeth's shade

According to a dental shade guide, everyone's teeth naturally exhibit varying shades of color and can be categorized into four basic ranges:

  • A (reddish-brown)
  • B (reddish-yellow)
  • C (gray)
  • D (reddish-gray)

To determine your teeth's shade, simply compare your teeth to the guide under natural light. Start by identifying the shade that closely matches your tooth's color. 

Keep in mind that you should use this dental color tool as a guideline; in most cases, your teeth might fall between two shades or even have multiple tones. So, embrace your unique shade and know that it's a part of what makes your smile distinctively yours. 

How to Bleach Your Teeth at Home

By now, you may be asking yourself, ‘Is teeth whitening worth my time?’ Our findings show that you should whiten your teeth if you want a brighter smile and to help you improve your dental health. 

With the help of a dental shade guide and effective and convenient whitening products by SNOW, we can help you find the best natural way to whiten teeth and find your best tooth shade, making the effort you’ve made worth it in the end. 

Teeth Whitening Kit

This professional teeth whitening kit by SNOW shows you how to get a whiter smile naturally in just 9 minutes a day! With regular use, your teeth will get to your desired shade using our whitening kit, and no one will even realize you did anything - they’ll just think you look great. 

Mouthwashes And Foams

Whether you choose our innovative foaming teeth whitening product or our easy-to-use teeth whitening mouthwash is up to you. But you’ll soon learn how to whiten teeth safely and enjoy maximum rewards like whiter teeth, fresher breath, and improved dental health with minimal effort on your part. 

Whitening Strips And Powders

Willing to put in a little work for movie-star results? Then our teeth white strips or our specialized powder to whiten teeth may be the right whitening products for you. Years of tooth discoloration and stains will disappear like magic, making your teeth appear lighter with each use.

Whitening Toothbrush

If the above products work like magic, then this is the magic wand. With our teeth whitening electric toothbrush, just brush your teeth like normal; the LED tech does all the work for you. Our research indicates that it also pairs well with other whitening products, like our whitening toothpaste, to give your teeth a natural shade of white.

how white should your teeth be


In the quest to answer 'how white are my teeth?', remember that every smile tells a unique story. From the foods you relish to your genetic code and the passage of time, your teeth embrace a spectrum of shades. 

But, with SNOW, we have a teeth whitening product or two to help you pinpoint the exact shade of your teeth's whiteness and ensure they shine brilliantly and healthily. 

Curious about how to keep white teeth? Try our brilliant products today and let your smile radiate its natural brilliance! 

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