Dehydrated Teeth White Spots

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

August 07, 2023

Ever noticed mysterious white spots on your pearly whites? These aren't just random blemishes; they're dehydrated teeth white spots. 

These spots can be a dental downer due to things like plaque buildup, excessive fluoride consumption, or even just a dry mouth. 

But we have good news for you: we at SNOW can help you discover how you can not only erase those pesky white spots but also flaunt a dazzling smile that's bound to turn heads. 

Read on for the causes behind dehydrated teeth white spots and how to get rid of them with our stellar DIY teeth whitening products.  

Let’s dive in! 

What this article covers:

White Spots on Teeth Dehydration

White spots on teeth can be a cause of concern for many people like yourself, especially when you’re unsure of their origin. These spots can be a result of various factors, and understanding them can help in their prevention and treatment.

But what causes those dehydrated white spots on teeth? We’ll delve into the reasons behind these pesky white spots in greater detail below. 

dehydrated enamel white spots on teeth

What Do These White Spots Look Like?

White specks on teeth can vary in appearance. They commonly manifest as small, irregular milky patches, predominantly on the front teeth and the first molar teeth. 

In more severe instances, these spots can be larger, may incorporate browner areas, and can even lead to the breakdown of the enamel layer of the tooth.

What Causes Them? 

Through our practical knowledge, tooth dehydration often happens because of the insufficient production of saliva in your mouth. Saliva plays a crucial role in maintaining the mineral balance of your teeth. 

If you've ever had white hard stuff on teeth, that's actually plaque buildup due to a salivary imbalance. As a result, your teeth lose essential minerals (demineralization), which can also lead to dehydration and white spots. 

Our research indicates that there are several common causes of discoloration due to dehydration within your tooth’s pores, like: 

  • poor dental hygiene
  • a nutritional deficiency
  • consumption of sugary foods
  • frequent snacking
  • illness

Yes, it's certainly possible to get white spots on teeth when sick. Along with your immune system, your oral health often takes a hit when you're ill.

Getting Rid of Dehydrated Teeth White Spots Using At-Home Teeth Whitening

So, how do you get rid of white spots on teeth? With at-home whitening products by SNOW, that’s how. Our unique teeth whitening methods and products tackle dental discoloration head on in a way that’s safe and effective, ensuring that your teeth receive the care they truly deserve.

Top-quality at-home whitening products like our foam whitening toothpaste, and powder to whiten teeth provide targeted teeth whitening care. The bleaching ingredients in these products and our mouthwash teeth whitening solution are meticulously chosen and designed to keep your teeth healthy through rehydration and restore their natural, healthy whiteness. 

Our whitening teeth strips address the core issues behind the discoloration in under 15 minutes, all while providing a refreshing lavender and mint taste and preventing white spots from whitening teeth afterwards

But let's take it up a notch. For those looking for an all-in-one solution, SNOW’s whitening kit is the fastest teeth whitening kit and a total game-changer. 

It’s packed with all the essentials you need, including a whitening toothbrush. When paired with our gentle daily teeth whitening toothpaste, it's a complete at-home whitening dental care system for your teeth.

dehydration and white spots on teeth

Our at-home whitening solutions at SNOW offer a multi-pronged approach to tackling dehydrated teeth and white spots. It not only restores your white teeth but also provides essential whitening care to rehydrate teeth, preventing future white, spotty teeth from forming.

And the best part? You can see visible results from the comfort of your home after just a few days of use.

As per our expertise, you're not just investing in products; you're investing in the confidence that comes with a brighter, healthier smile. Say hello to a future where every mirror reflection is a reason to smile wider!


In our journey to decode the enigma of 'dehydrated teeth white spots', we've unraveled their causes and, more importantly, the ultimate solution: SNOW's unparalleled whitening products. 

We aren’t just a brand; we’re committed to ensuring that your dream smile is just a product away. With a legacy of excellence, we’ve successfully combined affordability with convenience. 

So, don't just dream of a radiant smile; make it a reality! Take the leap today and let us be your guide to a brighter, spot-free smile. Discover the magic of SNOW and shop our teeth whitening cost effective products now! 

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