Deep Teeth Whitening

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

July 24, 2023

Ever heard of 'deep teeth whitening'? It's not just about surface shine; it's a transformative whitening process that delves deep into your teeth, breaking down and erasing stubborn stains. 

With the evolution of at-home whitening products, you can now flaunt a smile that rivals professional treatments. 

Let’s delve into how deep teeth whitening works and how you can achieve this profound whitening effect right from the comfort of your home with SNOW’s innovative whitening products.  

What this article covers:

Options for Deep Whitening Your Teeth

There are several different types of teeth whitening options, each with various benefits. We’ll focus on at-home treatment, how it offers a deeper teeth cleaning experience, and why it’s superior to in-office teeth whitening

deep bleaching teeth

At-Home Treatment

At-home whitening treatments work effectively to eliminate surface stains and highlight your winning smile. 

Here are some of our best teeth whitening kits and products that can help you achieve a deep teeth whitening effect.

Teeth Whitening Kit

With its renowned, comfortable LED wired mouthpiece and an innovative whitening solution, our new and improved Diamond clean teeth whitening kit helps people with damaged enamel and gum sensitivity whiten their teeth while also minimizing sensitivity.

The Diamond Kit by SNOW is one of our best over-the-counter treatments that concentrates on eliminating tooth sensitivity once and for all to help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile. 

It combines LED light technology with an inventive proprietary whitening solution using our strongest whitening wands and potassium nitrate to produce whitening results that match a professional dentist. Together, they reduce tooth sensitivity while simultaneously repairing your enamel with hydroxyapatite. 

Drawing from our first-hand experience, using the Diamond whitening kit’s potent ingredients and superior whitening gel formulation gets rid of tough teeth stains. 

Teeth Whitening Strips

Our white strips for teeth are designed to be worn for a few minutes, offering noticeable whitening results after a few days. They're easy to apply and efficiently break down and lift away stains caused by coffee, wine, and other staining foods and drinks.

Then there’s the fact that they don’t leave a gooey whitening residue on your teeth afterwards; they’re clean and taste great too, with refreshing tones of lavender and mint. With our whitening strips, you can keep your smile clean, boost your confidence, and feel good while you do it.

Teeth Whitening Mouthwash 

A daily rinse with SNOW's Arctic Frost mouthwash to whiten teeth not only freshens your breath but also aids in removing deeper surface stains. Our unique formula ensures that every corner of your mouth gets an even whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Foam

Our foam teeth whitening works hard to keep your teeth sparkling while you sleep. We determined through our tests that it does this by gently cleaning your teeth while refreshing your dental appliances, including aligners and night guards. 

deep bleaching tooth whitening

It maintains your enamel's health using a combination of hydroxyapatite and arginine. And if you’re health-conscious, our whitening foam is vegan-friendly too. 

Our whitening foam can be used as a regular toothpaste or in conjunction with other SNOW products. Its gentle formula cleans while whitening, making it perfect for daily use and producing a deeper teeth cleaning over time. With up to 150 uses per bottle, it's a versatile solution for maintaining a fresh smile.

Teeth Whitening Powder

Add a sprinkle of magic to your brushing routine with our shimmering teeth whitening dust. It’s dentist-formulated and gentle to the max on your teeth and gums. 

Simply sprinkle it on your toothpaste, and its proprietary formula will transform the whitening effect, tackling stubborn stains in just two minutes. We recommend that you use it four times a week to make your smile whiter and brighter.

Teeth Whitening Toothbrush 

Imagine an award-winning toothbrush that not only cleans thoroughly but also whitens your teeth. Well, we’ve got the perfect one for you.

SNOW's electric whitening toothbrush comes equipped with blue LED lights that support the whitening process. With multiple brushing modes, we ensure a customized, deeper cleaning experience while helping you promote a whiter smile. 

Deep Teeth Whitening FAQ

We get asked often about the process of deep teeth whitening, and we’re here to help you brush up on the facts of this game-changing whitening method. 

What Is Deep Tooth Whitening? 

Deep tooth whitening (also called deep bleaching) is a comprehensive teeth bleaching process designed to tackle stubborn stains. Unlike standard whitening treatments that primarily address surface discolorations, deep bleaching penetrates the enamel to target intrinsic stains. Age, certain medications, and particular foods and beverages are just a few of the causes of these tooth stains. 

How Does Deep Teeth Whitening Work?

Deep teeth whitening works by utilizing the power of oxygen to enhance the tooth's ability to absorb the peroxide-based whitening agents and gels. The oxygen from the bleaching gel delves deep into the tooth, effectively dissolving stain molecules. 

While this process won’t give you permanent white teeth, with proper maintenance, the effects of deep bleaching can result in longer-lasting results and a visibly brighter smile. 

That’s why we recommend SNOW’s DIY teeth whitening products - to help you prioritize dental health, reduce gum and tooth sensitivity, and consistently maintain your white smile. 

What Are The Benefits Of Deep Teeth Whitening? 

There are several benefits to deep teeth whitening. 

It removes stains and discoloration from teeth to improve your dental health and reduce cavities. It also restores teeth to their original brightness, giving your self-confidence a much-needed boost. Whiter, brighter smiles are much more appealing than yellow or discolored ones.

Based on our observations, people with whiter teeth are less likely to experience cavities and other dental issues. That’s why deep teeth whitening not only makes your smile look better but also improves your oral hygiene.

deep bleaching teeth

How Much Does Deep Teeth Whitening Cost?

Deep teeth whitening, when done using in-office professional whitening treatments, typically costs between $800 and $1,000. Alternatively, custom take-home trays, which are designed to fit your teeth perfectly, are more affordable, ranging from $300 to $600.

If you’re looking for a brighter smile, it's essential to weigh the costs, effectiveness, and convenience of each whitening method to determine the best fit for your needs. 

That’s why SNOW’s budget-friendly whitening products, like our tooth whitening toothpaste, offer not only affordability but also convenience and effectiveness, helping you whiten your teeth at any time and any place. 


Unveil the secret to a radiant smile with deep teeth whitening—a transformative process that dives beyond the surface, targeting those stubborn intrinsic stains. 

With SNOW, achieving that deep whitening effect is a sparkling reality. Elevate your dental health now by diving into our world of trusted whitening teeth solutions and letting your smile shine its brightest! 

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