Tooth Whitener for Veneers

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

September 12, 2023

Ever looked in the mirror and marveled at your dazzling porcelain veneers? They're a popular form of dental restoration, but how can you keep them bright? 

As per our expertise, you can whiten porcelain veneers but not composite resin ones. If composite veneers become significantly discolored, they might need to be replaced. However, it's safe to use SNOW's DIY teeth whitening formulas on porcelain veneers, as they won't be affected by the bleach in our treatments.

This article will cover everything you need to know about finding a tooth whitener for veneers and using SNOW's best at-home products to help you remove surface stains from your dental restorations. 

Let's begin!

What this article covers:

What Could Have Caused Your Veneers to Change Color?

Veneers can become discolored for several reasons, such as:

  • Receding gums
  • Trauma caused by a dental injury
  • Wearing down of veneer material

If your veneers get discolored over time or you need teeth whitening for crowns, it's crucial to understand the cause to prevent further staining on your dental restorations and determine the appropriate corrective action.

teeth whitening solutions for veneers

3 Ways You Can Whiten Porcelain Veneers

Based on our first hand experience, there are three ways to find effective veneer teeth whitening methods using SNOW's at-home products:

1. Brush With A Non-Abrasive Polishing Toothpaste

Our white teeth toothpaste is one of the best whitening products for sensitive teeth, promising a whiter, healthier smile.

Our whitening toothpaste contains Nano-Hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride, making it gentle on tooth enamel and dental restorations like veneers. You can use it twice daily and watch as it consistently delivers professional teeth whitening for over 50.

Pair it with our LED electric toothbrush for the best teeth whitening for coffee drinkers to enhance your whitening experience and maintain an even, white smile.

Our whitening powder for teeth and teeth whitening mouth wash can also be added to your regular brushing routine when it comes to utilizing safe teeth whitening with gum disease while having veneers.

best tooth whitening products for veneers

2. Use A Whitening Serum On The Backs Of Your Teeth

Our home teeth whitening kit offers a professional-grade teeth whitening experience. The serum provided in the kit can be applied to the backs of your teeth that have veneers.

When used in conjunction with the LED mouthpiece and our whitening strips for teeth, you can achieve a brighter and more uniform smile, even when you need to whiten crooked teeth.

3. Wear A Mouthguard At Night

Based on our observations, wearing a dentist-approved mouthguard at night can stop you from grinding down on your veneers and damaging their porcelain finish.

Our whitening foam for aligners works wonders on whitening teeth (natural and veneers) as well as cleaning the inside of your dental devices like mouthguards, aligners, and retainers.

Simply apply the foam to your teeth, slip your mouthguard on, and then let the whitening magic happen overnight for an even and radiant smile.

veneers and tooth whitening options

Maximizing Whitening Results with Veneers

If you love color saturated foods, here are some final tips to maintain the look of your natural teeth and veneers after using our whitening products:

  • Use a straw: We recommend using a straw when drinking coffee, red wine, or other dark beverages to reduce their contact with your veneers and prevent staining on your natural teeth.
  • Eat staining foods in moderation: Just like natural teeth, try to eat certain foods and drinks that can stain your veneers in moderation.

Our investigation demonstrated that veneers need just as much care as your natural teeth, if not more. Treat them well, and they'll keep you smiling for years to come.


Finding a tooth whitener for veneers isn't nearly as impossible as you might think. Through our trial and error, we discovered that while composite veneers need to be replaced when they get badly discolored, you can still whiten porcelain veneers without the bleaching agents damaging them.

Want to keep your smile white even with dental veneers? That's where we come in. At SNOW, we're committed to helping you keep your teeth sparkling, whether they're natural or have veneers.

Explore our wide range of safe and effective teeth whitening product options today, and let's restore your gleaming smile, one veneer at a time!

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