Are Teeth Whitening Strips Permanent?

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

August 07, 2023

Are teeth whitening strips permanent? This is a question we get often, and so today we look at the facts about teeth whitening strips. 

As with all other teeth whitening procedures, the efficacy of teeth whitening strips depends on several factors. These include but are not limited to, the initial state of your teeth and your choice of product.  But anyone can have whiter teeth with some help from the experts.

That’s why we’re here to help. With our professional knowledge about teeth whitening, sensible dental advice, and top tips, you’ll learn how to maintain your bright smile for longer. 

What this article covers:

Will Your Teeth Whitening Treatment Be Permanent?

do teeth whitening strips provide permanent results

Before we get into how teeth whitening strips work, let’s address the question of permanence. Will you enjoy permanent results? No. The word ‘permanent’ means that results last forever, and forever is a mighty long time.

Whether you use at-home whitening products or go for an in-office dental procedure, the results won’t last forever. Your teeth eventually get discolored simply because you consume things that stain them every day. 

How Long Will Your Teeth Stay White After Using Whitening Strips?

Okay, so the results aren’t permanent, but this raises another question. Just how long do teeth stay white after whitening strips

With the right products, proper use, and good dental care, you could enjoy six months of whiter teeth easily. 

Different Products Have Different Results

There are a lot of teeth-whitening products out there. Some are good, and some are best kept in the basement. Always choose professional products over cheaping out on generic products with no proven reputation.

Teeth whitening strips that rely on large amounts of hydrogen peroxide may whiten your teeth but also damage them. People with sensitive teeth and gums are even more at risk of adverse reactions. Rather, use effective teeth-whitening strips that are safe and gentle enough for sensitive teeth.

do teeth whitening strips provide permanent results

How Badly Damaged Are Your Teeth and Why?

How long teeth whitening strips take to work often depends on the state of your teeth. Even teeth that are well cared for will become dull over time from coffee, tea, red wine, candies, and spicy foods.

Enamel is what makes your teeth look naturally white. If this enamel layer is stained, the whitening strips will lighten it. If your tooth enamel is cracked or eroded, no amount of whitening will fix the damage. 

How White Do You Want Your Teeth to Be?

Dental whitening strips can only whiten teeth that are otherwise in good condition, save for being dull or stained. They can’t fix enamel erosion and only work on natural teeth. For example, applying whitening strips to composite bonding to whiten teeth may yield disappointing results. 

Teeth whitening strips unfortunately don’t lighten bonded teeth. To anyone wondering, “Should I whiten my teeth before getting a crown?”, the answer is yes. You should whiten your teeth before getting a crown to ensure natural-looking results that match all your teeth. 

teeth whitening strips and lasting effects

How Teeth Whitening Strips Work

Most teeth whitening strips contain bleaching agents to lift stains from tooth enamel. Professional teeth whitening strips will lighten teeth without harsh bleaches, lifting years of stains in minutes.

But you might not know how to use teeth whitening products, and there’s no shame in admitting it. Do you dry your teeth before a whitening strip application? Yes, you should dry your teeth before a whitening strip application. If you don’t, it’ll take longer to whiten your teeth. 

There’s a simple reason for this. Does saliva ruin teeth whitening strips? No, saliva doesn’t ruin teeth whitening strips, but it can make them slip around, making you waste precious time trying to position them. 

Caring For Your Teeth To Make Teeth Whitening Strips Last 

Poor dental hygiene can cause yellow or dull teeth. In our experience, it’s easier to keep those pearly whites, well, white if you care for them. Our research indicates that people who take care of their teeth have more success with teeth whitening. 

Here are our top tips for enhancing your teeth whitening strip results.

  • Use whitening toothpaste or tooth whitening foam and a whitening toothbrush in between teeth whitening strip sessions. This causes a cumulative effect, and your teeth will be whiter and brighter much sooner and for much longer.  

how permanent are teeth whitening strips

  • Use a whitening mouthwash to enhance the whitening effects. It’ll remove microscopic particles clinging to the dental surface and whiten teeth simultaneously. 

Are Teeth Whitening Strips Worth Your Money?

Before buying teeth whitening strips, look at these three factors.

Cost vs. Quality

Are the strips of good quality? Have they been made by a reputable brand with proven results? If so, it’s worth it to pay a bit extra. Cheap strips often mean cheap-looking results.

Cost vs. Longevity

Do they produce long-lasting results? If the answer is yes, they’re worth paying extra for. Cheap whitening strips often have short-lived or ineffectual results.

Cost vs. Convenience

Can they be easily applied at home? The convenience of a home teeth whitening kit or DIY dental strips will be worth it. Cheap strips are usually poorly made, messy to apply, or break easily.

teeth whitening strips for lasting whiteness


Are teeth whitening strips permanent? Unfortunately, teeth whitening strips aren’t permanent. Results vary for at-home teeth whitening products; the same is true for in-office treatments. 

But with the right products and good dental care, everyone can enjoy whiter teeth. And as experts in the field of teeth whitening, our products produce natural-looking and long-lasting results. The rest is up to you. 
Practice good dental care and try SNOW’s teeth whitening products today. When it comes to cost, quality, longevity, and convenience, our whitening solutions meet all the criteria and then some to maintain a beautiful, bright smile. 

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