Teeth Whitening for Over 60s (Turn Back Time)

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

September 12, 2023

The interest in teeth whitening for over 60s is booming nowadays. Senior citizens wanting to whiten their teeth are looking for solutions that use safe and gentle ingredients that won't cause damage to their enamel and gums.

Our findings show that common causes of discoloration among older adults range from oral hygiene, diet, and lifestyle choices to the natural process of aging, which can impact the way your teeth ultimately look. As a result, many seniors are understandably concerned about the aesthetic and health effects these factors can have on their smile.

But fear not - if you're over 60, we've got the perfect whitening products that can help you brighten those pearly whites at home safely and effectively. 

We Offer Teeth Whitening for Seniors Wanting a Youthful Appearance

As you age, your teeth naturally undergo changes. There are a number of factors that affect how your teeth look, especially if you're a senior citizen, including stains from food, drinks, tobacco, medications, and a decrease in the production of saliva that can lead to cavities.

This leads to the outer layer of the tooth wearing away, revealing a darker layer beneath, meaning that the lifelong accumulation of pigments and other substances can cause discolorations.

teeth whitening for seniors

Luckily, SNOW offers a wide range of tooth whitening treatments with the over-60s in mind. Their benefits include:

  • Effectiveness: Our products tackle all types of discoloration, from surface stains to deeper, age-related changes.
  • Affordability: High quality doesn't have to mean high cost. Our products are reasonably priced to be accessible to everyone.
  • Convenience: Our products are easy to use at home and can save you time and energy. 

Over The Counter Whitening Products For Seniors

If you're in the over 60s demographic and dealing with gum disease and dental restorations, we have specialized over-the-counter products tailored to your unique needs.

Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth solutions like our whitening toothpaste, for instance, are fluoride and sulfate-free, giving you professional-grade results at home and ensuring a gentle whitening experience for people with tooth sensitivity issues.

teeth whitening for over 50

Additionally, products like our teeth whitening foam are designed to gently clean and whiten dental devices like aligners and retainers.

It also addresses the unique requirements of people with dental restorations, offering effective teeth whitening for veneers, teeth whitening for crowns and veneers, and tooth whitener for veneers solutions that can help you get an even, white smile.

Targeted Whitening Solutions For Specific Needs

People over 60 have specific needs. And we've got the perfect whitening solutions for you.

Whitening Products To Remove Yellow Stains

Our whitening mouthwash is the best teeth whitening for smokers while our tooth whitening powder offers an outstanding teeth whitening for coffee drinkers solution.

teeth whitening for older adults

They quickly go to work on neutralizing bacteria in your mouth and removing yellow tooth stains caused by tobacco and staining drinks like coffee, giving you a smile that's natural and lighter.

Whitening Products To Improve Your Oral Health

If you need a teeth whitening for periodontal disease solution, our teeth whitening toothbrush can elevate your brushing routine and improve your oral health to restore and soothe sensitive gums while preventing tooth decay.

Whitening Products To Enhance Your Appearance

Our teeth whitening kit and teeth whitening strips not only promote dental health but can also restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

After trying out these products, we found that they use safe whitening methods and ingredients like blue light LED technology and hydrogen peroxide to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence.

You can also use our lip exfoliant and cold compress roller applicator to add an invigorating boost to your morning brushing routine. They can hydrate dry, chapped lips and reduce puffiness around your eyes, giving you plumper lips and making you look years younger.

Together, SNOW's all-in-one whitening solutions consider the multifaceted requirements of seniors, providing a comprehensive approach to oral care.

teeth whitening for over 60's


Teeth whitening for over 60s often takes the form of finding whitening solutions that focus on aesthetics and promote better oral health.

As per our expertise, our specialized whitening products go beyond mere cosmetic benefits; they can also promote gum and oral health in people 60 years of age and older. By addressing specific medical conditions and tooth stains, these products not only whiten teeth but also foster a healthier oral environment. 

Rediscover your youthful sparkle with SNOW's best at home teeth whitening products for people over 60. From safeguarding oral health to offering effective, affordable solutions, we've got the perfect blend of products for your smile. Explore our range today, and trust SNOW to be your partner in the quest for a brighter smile.

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