How to Remove Coke Stains from Teeth

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

September 14, 2023

While Coca Cola is the most popular soda on the planet due to its refreshing taste and thirst-quenching capabilities, the results of regularly enjoying this beloved beverage are often unsightly dark stains that form on your teeth.

These dark Coke stains are caused by the acidic phosphoric and dark food coloring ingredients present in Coke and most other carbonated drinks.

If you've ever wondered how to remove coke stains from teeth, you're not alone. Drawing from our experience, these marks can be challenging but aren't impossible to erase.

In this blog post, we'll discuss how Coca Cola stains your teeth and how to get rid of them using SNOW's convenient and effective at-home whitening products. Read on!

How Does Coca Cola Stain Your Teeth?

Did you know that Coca Cola was originally marketed as a medicinal product? The same drink that now impacts dental health once claimed health benefits. Oh, how the times have changed!

We all love a refreshing sip of Coca Cola now and then, but have you ever wondered why it leaves deep stains on your teeth?

remove soda stains from teeth

Our findings show that the culprit behind these unattractive soda stains is the phosphoric acid present in Coke and many other similar cola beverages. When you drink Coke, this acid reacts with your tooth enamel, making your teeth vulnerable and creating surface stains.

Effects Of Coke On Your Teeth

We determined through our tests that this leads to yellow teeth and also contributes to tooth sensitivity. The effects of drinking Coke often create a vicious cycle of gradually weakening enamel, which poses a risk to your overall dental health.

Leaving these stains untreated doesn't just mar your smile; it may further damage your teeth. Based on our observations, the initial surface Coke stains can gradually create deeper stains, affecting both aesthetics and your health.

That's why removing these stains isn't just an exercise in vanity; it's all about preserving the integrity of your teeth.

How To Get Rid of Coke Stains From Teeth At Home

Luckily for you, there's more than one way of removing teeth stains, including those caused by drinking soda at home. Let's start with the very best solutions by SNOW and work our way to the bottom, shall we?

Whitening Toothpaste

Have you got a taste for carbonated drinks, but now you have unsightly soda stains on your teeth? Use our specially formulated whitening toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide to help you reclaim your healthy smile.

Our analysis of this product revealed that it removes deep stains from soda drinks and also helps you figure out how to remove coffee stains from teeth; this is because coffee contains tannins that stain your teeth in a similar way to Coca Cola.

Just brush twice daily using our whitening toothbrush electric device, making sure to cover every part of your mouth. Then sit back and watch those Coke stains on your teeth vanish.

get rid of coca-cola discoloration on teeth

Whitening Strips

Meet SNOW's dynamic teeth whitening strips, a transformative solution for your pearly whites. Designed to prevent contact with your gums, they're gentle on your tooth enamel but tough on soda stains and can easily handle silver diamine fluoride stain removal from teeth.

The application is easy; just align, press, and unveil a glittering smile. Whether you're removing Coke stains or using it for other similar yellow stain on teeth removal, our dental strips are your go-to whitening strategy.

Whitening Kits

You don't need a dentist when you have SNOW's cleaner smile teeth whitening kit beside you. Featuring our specialized LED mouthpiece and whitening wands, they go to work on targeting tooth stains with precision, offering a comprehensive whitening approach for anyone who craves a spotless smile.

More Whitening Products For A Tailored Coke Stain-Free Experience

If the whitening products above aren't doing it for you, we have a few more up our sleeve. Want to know how to remove corsodyl stains from teeth? Our mouthwash whitening solution can help, leaving your breath fresh and your smile gleaming and stain-free. It's also great for figuring out how to prevent teeth stains.

When it comes to figuring out how to prevent tea stains on teeth at home, our foam whitening toothpaste and teeth clean powder are standouts in the cosmetic industry. They're crafted with whitening ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and hydroxapatite to remineralize enamel and gently lift Coke stains from your teeth to restore your brilliant smile.

clean cola stains from teeth


In this blog post, we evaluated the causes behind coke stains, which occur due to its acidic phosphoric properties and dark colorants, which erode enamel and leave behind pigmented residues, leading to discoloration over time.

At SNOW, we understand that there's more to Coca Cola than just figuring out how to remove stains from your teeth.

Our teeth whitening before and after products are crafted to tackle every tooth stain imaginable. Enjoy a one-stop solution for a stunning, stain-free smile and boost your confidence every time you look in the mirror. Together, we can make coke stains a thing of the past. 

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