How to Remove Chlorhexidine Stains from Teeth

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

September 14, 2023

How to remove chlorhexidine stains from teeth is a question that often troubles many people.

Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic commonly used in dentistry to sterilize mouth ulcers and stop the spread of bacteria. While it has numerous medical benefits, it can leave unsightly stains on teeth, causing concern for anyone wanting a bright, confident smile.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through effective methods to bid farewell to those stubborn stains and restore your pearly whites to their former glory.

What this article covers:

Does Chlorhexidine Really Cause Staining?

Alright, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of chlorhexidine stains. You might be wondering, "What exactly is chlorhexidine, and does it really cause staining on my teeth?”

Chlorhexidine is a potent antiseptic commonly found in oral hygiene products like mouthwashes and dental strips. And as per our expertise, we can confirm that it really does cause teeth to stain. It does so by binding to tannins in foods and drinks, which can lead to brown discolorations on teeth when combined.

If you're trying to learn how to remove yellow stains between teeth, consider investing in our whitening teeth kit for a comprehensive solution to chlorhexidine stain removal. With it, you'll get a comprehensive package that addresses all your stain-fighting needs.

does chlorhexidine stain teeth

Say goodbye to those stubborn fluoride, coffee, and tea stains, or even gray stains on teeth that have overstayed their welcome. Our whitening kit targets stains head-on, lifting them away to reveal the true brightness of your teeth.

After conducting experiments with it, we found that our teeth whitening kit follows industry standards, ensuring a safe and effective experience for all users. It's like having a trusted (and more affordable) dentist right in the comfort of your own home.

And that's just the beginning when you put your dental health in SNOW's capable hands, We have plenty of fantastic whitening solutions where that came from to help you prevent teeth stains and reclaim your bright smile.

How to Remove Chlorhexidine Stains

With SNOW, it's easy to clean stained teeth, including those with chlorhexidine stains.

Using Teeth Whitening To Remove Chlorhexidine Stains

We have a wide range of at-home whitening products that can tackle chlorhexidine stains as well as other medication-induced discolorations.

1. Mind Your Diet

We all love a good cup of coffee, tea, or even a glass of red wine to unwind after a long day. But, alas, these delights can also be the culprits behind those stains.

We're not saying you have to give up your favorite treats entirely—that'd be no fun! But being mindful of stain-friendly foods and beverages can make a difference. Try using a straw for sipping stain-causing drinks, and always rinse your mouth with water afterward to minimize the impact.

And whenever in doubt, try out the winning combo of our LED electric whitening toothbrush and top whitening toothpaste to get rid of stubborn food stains that can potentially exacerbate your existing chlorhexidine stains.

how to get rid of chlorhexidine stains on teeth

2. Rinse After Eating And Drinking

Rinsing with mouthwash can be a great addition to your oral care routine. We recommend rinsing with our whitening mouthwash, which is gentle on tooth enamel, free of harmful staining ingredients, and can also clean coffee stains on teeth.

Our research indicates that it's best to avoid mouthwashes that contain Chlorhexidine or Corsodyl simply because chlorhexidine gluconate is known to stain teeth and corsodyl mouthwash makes teeth brown.

3. Brush And Floss Every Day

You know the drill – brush, floss, rinse, repeat! It's this dynamic duo that keeps plaque and stains at bay. Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day will help prevent plaque buildup, reducing the chances of stains making an unwelcome appearance.

4. Use A Whitening Toothpaste

For a daily stain-fighting routine and the best way to remove tea stains from teeth, our whitening foam toothpaste and tooth whitening powder work in harmony with your regular oral care routine. Together, they gently lift stains, including fluoride teeth stains or other stubborn discolorations, to brighten your smile every day.

5. Use Whitening Strips

SNOW's Magic teeth whitening strips are designed to effectively remove stains from the surface of your teeth. Chlorhexidine, often found in mouthwashes, can bind with tannins from foods and drinks, leading to brown discolorations on teeth.

That's why our whitening strips utilize a patented formula that works to strip away years of stains, including those caused by chlorhexidine, and dissolves in under 15 minutes with virtually zero sensitivity.

They're easy to use and designed to deliver noticeable teeth whitening results. They can whiten up to 7 shades with just one box, making them a potent solution for tackling chlorhexidine stains and restoring the natural brightness of your smile.

why does chlorhexidine stain teeth


While Chlorhexidine is an excellent disinfectant that prevents the spread of bacteria in your mouth and combats gum disease, its potent ingredients have been known to cause unsightly teeth stains after use.

With SNOW's dynamic teeth whitening products, you can confidently choose a whitening method that best tackles chlorhexidine stains.

We are committed to delivering top-notch oral cosmetic products that provide professional-level results at home. Dr. Brian Harris, our lead medical advisor, has played a pivotal role in engineering our advanced formula and technology. Embrace our game-changing solutions and unlock your dazzling smile with us today! 

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