Use Bleach to Whiten Teeth

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

December 28, 2023

Is it okay to use bleach to whiten teeth? Nope! It's a method that's not only ineffective but also dangerous.

Household bleach isn't designed for oral use and can cause severe damage to your teeth and gums.

In this article, we'll debunk the myth of using bleach for teeth whitening and instead introduce safe, effective alternatives.

From understanding the risks of bleach to exploring proven at-home whitening methods like whitening toothpaste, strips, mouthwash, and trays, we'll guide you towards achieving a brighter smile safely and effectively.  

What this article covers:

Can You Whiten Your Teeth with Clorox Bleach?

The short answer is no; bleaching teeth with Clorox is not a good idea. While bleach is a powerful cleaning agent, it's not suitable for use in your mouth. Bleach contains harsh chemicals that can cause severe damage to your teeth and gums. It's crucial to understand that household bleach and dental bleaching products are entirely different.

clorox bleach to whiten teeth

Dental professionals use specially formulated products that are safe for oral use, unlike Clorox bleach.

While bleach is used in some dental procedures, such as root canal treatments, it is not what professionals use for teeth whitening. The risks associated with using household bleach for teeth whitening are significant. It can lead to tissue damage, enamel erosion, and even chemical burns in the mouth. These risks far outweigh any potential whitening benefits.

At SNOW, we emphasize the importance of using products specifically designed for teeth whitening. Our range of whitening solutions is carefully formulated to ensure safety and effectiveness, without the harmful effects of harsh chemicals like those found in Clorox bleach. 

Reasons Not to Use Bleach for Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, using household bleach is a risky and harmful approach. At SNOW, we prioritize your oral health and strongly advise against using bleach for teeth whitening. Let's explore the reasons why bleach is not a suitable option for achieving that bright smile.

Teeth Hypersensitivity

Using bleach can lead to increased teeth sensitivity. This occurs because bleach can strip away the protective enamel, exposing the sensitive dentin underneath. WebMD highlights that the risks of overly aggressive teeth whitening, like using bleach, include increased tooth sensitivity due to the penetration of bleaching agents into the tooth enamel.

Gum Irritation

Bleach can cause significant irritation and damage to your gums, leading to discomfort and potential long-term gum issues. The corrosive nature of bleach can irritate not only the gums but also the throat and other soft tissues in the mouth.

can you use bleach on your teeth to whiten them

Tooth Enamel Erosion

One of the most significant risks of using bleach is enamel erosion. This not only weakens your teeth but also makes them more susceptible to decay. The aggressive nature of bleach can wear down the enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable to various dental problems.

Dark, Translucent Teeth

Overuse of bleach can lead to your teeth taking on a dark, translucent appearance, which is the opposite of what you want from a whitening treatment. This condition, often referred to as bleachorexia, can result in teeth becoming bluish or translucent.

Damage To Crowns Or Veneers

If you have crowns or veneers, bleach can weaken the bonding material, leading to damage and a need for costly dental work. The harsh chemicals in bleach can compromise the integrity of these dental restorations.

At SNOW, we understand the importance of safe and effective teeth whitening. Our products are designed to provide you with a dazzling smile without the risks associated with using harsh chemicals like bleach. Trust in our expertise and commitment to your dental health for a brighter, healthier smile.

How Can You Safely Whiten Your Teeth at Home?

At SNOW, we're dedicated to providing safe, effective teeth whitening solutions that you can use comfortably at home. Our range of products is designed to cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring that everyone can achieve a brighter smile without compromising their oral health.

Let's explore our top picks for at-home teeth whitening.

how to bleach your teeth at home with bleach

Whitening Toothpaste

Our Whitening Toothpaste is an excellent choice for gently removing surface stains and gradually brightening your teeth. It's formulated with ingredients that are effective yet gentle on your enamel, making it a perfect daily toothpaste for maintaining a whiter smile.

According to Healthline, using a whitening toothpaste is a natural and safe way to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Whitening Strips

For those looking for a more targeted approach, our Whitening Strips are a convenient and effective option. These strips are pre-coated with a safe whitening gel and designed to fit snugly over your teeth, ensuring even coverage and impressive results.

Whitening Mouthwash

Incorporate our Arctic Frost Teeth Whitening Mouthwash into your daily routine to enhance your teeth's whiteness and maintain oral health. This mouthwash not only helps in keeping your teeth bright but also contributes to overall oral hygiene, making it a dual-action product.

Whitening Trays

For a more intensive treatment, our Teeth Whitening Kit with patented LED whitening technology is the way to go. This system is designed for maximum efficacy and minimal sensitivity, ensuring a comfortable and effective whitening experience right at home.

At SNOW, we believe in providing safe, reliable, and easy-to-use whitening solutions. Our products are a testament to our commitment to excellence in oral care, helping you achieve the bright smile you've always wanted with confidence and ease.

household bleach teeth

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Can badly yellowed teeth become white again?

Absolutely! With the right products and consistent care, even severely discolored teeth can be significantly whitened.

What's the most effective way to whiten teeth at home?

The most effective way is to use a comprehensive approach: a good whitening toothpaste, regular use of whitening strips or trays, and maintaining good oral hygiene.


Embarking on a journey to achieve a brighter set of teeth requires the right approach and products. From debunking the myth of using Clorox bleach for teeth whitening to highlighting the risks of enamel erosion and gum irritation, this guide has covered essential aspects of safe dental care.

Remember, effective teeth whitening is about choosing products designed for oral health, like those offered by SNOW. For those seeking a radiant and healthy set of teeth, explore our range of specialized products, we can make a huge teeth whitening difference to your smile.

Begin your journey to a brighter look by checking out our teeth whitening solutions at SNOW.   

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