Do Teeth Whitening Pens Work?

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

September 06, 2023

Do teeth whitening pens work? 

Whitening pens typically use a gel or serum containing active whitening agents that penetrate your tooth enamel, giving you a convenient and targeted approach to whitening that allows you to tackle specific stains with precision. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the efficacy of whitening pens in greater detail and recommend our other at-home whitening products that pair well with this amazing whitening wonder.  

Let’s dive in! 

What this article covers:

How Whitening Pens Work

Whitening pens, particularly the Extra Strength Teeth Whitening Wand by SNOW, contain a gel or serum primarily made of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which acts as a bleaching agent. When applied to the teeth, these chemicals break down and release oxygen molecules that penetrate the enamel. 

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From there, these oxygen molecules break apart the discolored compounds in your teeth, which effectively lightens them. A whitening pen's design allows for precise application, targeting specific stains or areas in your mouth. 

For the best results, you should avoid eating or drinking for about 30 minutes after application to allow the whitening pen’s gel or serum to work. Over time and with consistent use, your teeth can appear noticeably whiter. 

How To Use Our Teeth Whitening Pen

Here are five hands steps for answering the question, ‘How do you use a teeth whitening pen?’ with SNOW’s Extra Strength Teeth Whitening Wand to get stellar whitening results:

Step 1: Brush And Floss Your Teeth

To achieve the best results, it's crucial to start with a clean canvas. Brush your teeth thoroughly using our teeth whitening electric toothbrush and teeth whitening tooth paste. This combination not only removes surface stains but also preps your enamel for the whitening treatment. 

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Then floss diligently to remove any food particles and plaque buildup, ensuring the whitening serum can work uniformly on each tooth.

Step 2: Uncap And Twist The Wand 

Our uniquely designed teeth whitening wand comes equipped with a user-friendly twist mechanism at its base, which is reminiscent to that of a lipstick tube. Uncap the wand’s band and give it a few twists to dispense our extra potent whitening serum, allowing it to saturate the brush tip. 

Step 3: Paint The Whitening Serum On Your Teeth 

With the serum on the brush, start painting it onto the surface of your teeth. Exercise caution while doing so to avoid the gums because direct contact with the serum might lead to gum irritation. So, we recommend that you always aim for a precise application, focusing solely on your teeth.

is teeth whitening pen safe

Step 4: Sit back And Relax 

Once you’ve applied the serum, it's time to let the active whitening ingredients work their magic! Always read our packaging instructions first to ensure you leave our whitening serum on your teeth for the requisite amount of time. Through our practical knowledge, following this time-frame will ensure optimal whitening results while maintaining safety for your enamel and gums.

Step 5: Rinse And Admire Your Handiwork

After the designated time has passed, ensure you rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to remove any residual serum, and voilà! Notice the immediate transformation – a visibly brighter and more radiant smile grinning back at you. The final step is celebrating the newfound brilliance of your teeth and the effectiveness of your efforts!

5 Pros Of Whitening Pens

Our research indicates that there are five main pros that can be attributed to our whitening wands: 

1. It’s Portable

One of the most significant advantages of our whitening wand is its compact design, making it incredibly portable. Unlike bulky whitening kits or trays, our specialized whitening pen can easily fit into a purse, pocket, or travel bag. 

2. It’s Convenient 

Like our whitening strips, you can carry our whitening wand with you wherever you go, allowing for on-the-spot applications whether you're at work, traveling, or out for a social event. 

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Our findings show that the innovative design of our whitening wands eliminates the need for any additional equipment or setup, making it a hassle-free solution if you want a quick teeth-whitening touch-up during your busy schedule.

3. It Uses A Precise Application

The brush-tip applicator on our whitening wand offers a high degree of precision. This ensures that the whitening serum is applied directly to your teeth, targeting specific stains or discolored areas. 

The overall design minimizes the risk of our serum coming into contact with the gums, which can lead to irritation. This precision is especially beneficial if you have specific discolored tooth spots or stains you want to address without affecting the surrounding areas.

4. It Saves You Time

Using our whitening wand is quick, often taking just a few minutes. There's no need to wear trays for extended periods or undergo multiple sessions at a dental clinic. 

5. It’s Cost-Effective

Compared to professional dental whitening treatments, our diamond edition cleaner smile teeth whitening kit, which comes equipped with our specialized whitening pens, is a more affordable option. SNOW gives you a cost-effective way to achieve a brighter smile right at home without the hefty price tag of in-office procedures. 

With consistent use, our whitening pens can yield noticeable results, making them an efficient and budget-friendly teeth-whitening solution and a valuable tool in your whitening journey. 

Other Options to Whiten Your Teeth

While our teeth whitening pen provides a targeted approach to whitening treatments, integrating our other at-home whitening solutions can take your oral care routine to the next level to ensure a consistently brilliant and healthy smile. 

Here's how you can use SNOW's range of products in conjunction with our teeth whitening wands:

Whitening Mouthwash 

Our teeth whitening mouth wash is more advanced than its contemporary counterparts. It’s specially formulated to combat bad breath with its arctic freshness while also brightening your teeth. Including it in your daily dental routine can take you one step further in maintaining the outstanding results from our whitening pen. 

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Teeth Whitening Foam

Our whitening teeth foam is a dual-action solution specially formulated to clean and brighten your teeth. It's the perfect answer if you want a radiant smile without doing any extra steps. Replace your regular toothpaste with our foamy solution and see how your smile changes for the better.

Teeth Whitening Powder

Our tooth whitening powder gives you a natural remedy for removing surface stains. It’s suitable for daily usage due to its moderate composition. Now, you can consistently tackle common stains caused by dark-colored beverages like coffee and wine while ensuring that your teeth stay as white as possible after using our whitening pen.

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Teeth Whitening Toothbrush And Toothpaste

Our LED electric toothbrush is a groundbreaking device in cosmetic dentistry. It boosts your whitening experience while promising outstanding cleaning. When paired with our top whitening toothpaste, which was made with combating tooth sensitivity in mind, this dynamic duo ensures you get a deep cleanse and long-lasting whiteness.

Lip Scrub And Lip Applicator Wand 

After trying out these products, we found that our lip scrub and cold compress lip applicator wand can give your daily whitening routine an invigorating boost. Thanks to their capacity for hydrating dry, chapped lips and minimizing puffiness around your eyes, you can now get plumper, fuller lips and look years younger. 

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What is the best whitening pen for teeth? Not only does our Extra Strength Teeth Whitening Wand work by targeting surface tooth stains, it also guarantees a convenient and precise method to help you achieve a stainfree, perfectly white smile. 

Looking for additional products to up your game and create a thought out and convenient dental regime? Try our SNOW teeth whitening products today and conquer the world with your brilliant, beaming grin! 

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