Whitening Fake and Real Teeth Together

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

September 07, 2023

Whitening fake and real teeth together has become a hot topic in the world of oral care, and we're thrilled to delve into it with you.

Fake teeth, often referred to as veneers, crowns, or implants, are designed to mimic the appearance of natural teeth. But an important question arises: can you whiten fake and real teeth together?

While the color of dental restorations like veneers or crowns generally stays the same over time, at-home whitening products can effectively brighten your natural teeth to match them. This ensures a white, uniform smile, seamlessly blending both natural teeth and dental restorations. 

Today, we'll share our insights and at-home whitening product recommendations to achieve a radiant smile, whether you have natural or fake teeth. Let's begin this journey to a brighter and more confident you!

Does Teeth Whitening Work on Fake Teeth?

As per our expertise, traditional teeth whitening methods don't typically alter the color of fake teeth, such as veneers, crowns, or implants. These artificial additions are crafted to match the shade of your surrounding teeth at the time of placement and don't respond to whitening treatments in the same way natural teeth do.

can you whiten fake teeth

With that said, there's a silver lining: with the right products, you can achieve a harmonious, uniformly white smile, even if you have a mix of real and artificial teeth. That includes learning how to whiten temporary acrylic teeth.

Enter SNOW, the award-winning teeth whitening brand trusted by millions. Our at-home teeth whitening products, like the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit and our LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush, are uniquely designed to deliver maximum results with virtually zero sensitivity.

Can stained teeth be whitened? Absolutely! Stained teeth, can be effectively treated with our specialized whitening solutions. This means that your natural teeth can be brightened to match the shade of your artificial ones, helping you create a seamless, radiant smile.

Whitening An Artificial Tooth With At-Home Products

SNOW's range of at-home whitening products are designed to be gentle yet effective, ensuring that both your natural and artificial teeth look their best and helping you avoid teeth whitening sensitivity.

Let's take a look at our award-winning selection:

Our whitening teeth strips are a game-changer. They're designed to be gentle yet effective teeth whitening with enamel erosion solution, ensuring that both your real and artificial teeth are treated with care. These strips work wonders at removing years of stains, giving you that coveted bright smile.

can you whiten a fake tooth

For those who prefer a rinse, SNOW's Arctic Frost Teeth whitening mouthwash is a must-have on your bathroom sink. Not only does it help with whitening, but it also ensures fresh breath, making it a dual-action product.

But the star of the show is undoubtedly the SNOW professional teeth whitening kit. Our all-in-one solution is perfect if you want professional-grade whitening results from the comfort of your home. The kit is designed to be safe for all types of teeth, ensuring that whether you want to whiten one tooth or all of them, the results are consistently stunning.

If you're on the go, our foam teeth whitening is a quick and easy solution. We determined through our tests that just a small amount can help maintain the whiteness of your teeth, making it perfect for whitening touch-ups.

For a more holistic approach, our teeth whitening powder can be incorporated into your daily routine. This magic powder doesn't just help with teeth whitening, it also promotes overall oral health.

Now, if you're looking for a tool that combines daily oral care with whitening, look no further than SNOW's LED electric whitening toothbrush. Imagine getting a whiter smile just by brushing for a few minutes a day! This toothbrush is equipped with a blue LED light for whitening support and offers multiple modes for a customized brushing experience.

Lastly, to ensure that your daily brushing routine supports your whitening goals, our daily whitening toothpaste is a must-have. Our analysis of this product revealed that it's formulated to be gentle on tooth enamel and free from harmful ingredients like fluoride and sulfates. This makes it perfect for sensitive teeth and offers a fresh minty flavor to kickstart your day.

teeth whitening fake teeth


In the quest for "whitening fake and real teeth together", we've discovered that fake teeth come in various forms - from veneers and crowns to implants. But one thing's clear: achieving a harmonious, gleaming smile, blending both natural and artificial teeth, is entirely within reach.

SNOW's teeth whitening products aren't just about whitening. They also help with erasing common stains, ensuring that your artificial teeth remain as pristine as the day they were placed and that your natural teeth match them in color and radiance. 

Loved by dentists and recommended by 9 out of 10 dental professionals, we ensure your smile blends the beauty of both your natural and fake teeth. So, whether you're looking to erase coffee stains from your real teeth or maintain the brilliance of your veneers, we've got you covered.

Explore our whitening products today and see the SNOW difference for yourself. Here's to your radiant smile and the confidence it brings!

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