Thousands of singles say TEETH are the most important asset on a prospective date, more so than finances.

Finances are the least of your worries, for now.

Wondering why you can’t catch a date in your fancy new sports car? It’s probably your yellow teeth, ouch.

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A survey of almost 5,500 single adults aged 21 and up found this to be the case. With close to 60% of men stating that they care the most about white teeth in potential dates compared to an outstanding 71% of women who ranked white teeth as the most important.

It turns out, single men and women are both seeking the same asset in a potential spouse: white teeth. Here’s why.


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Teeth are the webmd of the body. They are able to tell you all kinds of health problems that you may have. A potential spouse does not want to have to take care of you because you can’t seem to do adult things, like brush your teeth. Yellow teeth can also mean that your appearance does not matter to you, and when someone else is putting in the effort to look good, you should too.


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White teeth are more important than driving a fancy car because dental hygiene is normal part of your everyday, unlike being good at finances. Being able to take care of your teeth prove to a potential spouse that you know how to take care of yourself and have the ability to show them the care they need too. No one wants to date someone who needs to be cared for like a baby, when they are full grown adults.


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Having white teeth have proven to not only get you laid more, but will also get you paid more. You’re bound to be all that everyone wants.