Five Hacks You Didn’t Know Could Whiten Your Teeth

As you know, there are SO many ways to whiten your teeth at home. Here are a few of our favorite at home whitening methods.


1. Charcoal

Using charcoal to whiten your teeth can be very successful. However, charcoal is very abrasive on your tooth enamel and dentists rarely recommend it. There are safer ways to quickly whiten your teeth.

charcoal teeth whitening

2. Eating Fruit

Eating fruits like Strawberries and Apples can naturally whiten your teeth. Just chewing on apples help to scrub your teeth. Strawberries and apples also have a high concentration of malic acid, which is a common ingredient in toothpaste that works to remove teeth stains.

teeth whitening fruit

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a long time teeth whitening hack and is one of the most popular because it works. However, similar to charcoal, baking soda is very abrasive and often ruins your tooth enamel and causes sensitivity. Goodbye ice cream!

teeth whitening baking soda

4. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a newer teeth whitening method that has come about. The cons of oil pulling is that it only helps with surface stains and not deep ones. It is also not very effective, costly, and only a high quality oil works.

best teeth whitening kit

5. Snow Teeth Whitening

Snow is a luxury teeth whitening system that does not cause sensitivity, and only takes 10 minutes at home. Snow uses a teeth whitening serum and LED light to whiten deep stains as well as surface stains. This teeth whitening method is highly recommended by dentists and customers alike.


Try Snow Teeth Whitening for the best and safest at home teeth whitening experience!