How to Get the Best Teeth Whitening Routine at Home

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

November 03, 2023

Searching for the best teeth whitening routine? Look no further! At SNOW, we understand the desire for a radiant smile, and we're here to guide you every step of the teeth whitening process.

Teeth whitening is the process of lightening discolorations on the enamel to reveal a brighter smile.

With years of research and expertise in dental health, we've curated a comprehensive guide to help you achieve optimal results at home.

Dive in as we unveil seven essential steps, backed by science and trusted by professionals, to unlock the secrets of a dazzling smile.

7 Steps for Whitening Your Teeth Without Leaving the House

Embarking on a teeth whitening journey can be both exciting and daunting. With countless options for whitening teeth available, finding the right fit can be challenging.

At SNOW, we're here to simplify this journey for you. Let's dive into the seven essential steps to achieve that radiant smile, all from the comfort of your home.

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1. Invest In The Right Products

When it comes to teeth whitening, the products you choose play a pivotal role in determining the outcome. Investing in the right products means ensuring they are safe, effective, and tailored to your needs.

Our Teeth Whitening Kit is a testament to this commitment. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, it promises professional-level whitening results with virtually zero sensitivity.

Furthermore, our vegan teeth whitening strips offer a convenient solution for those on the go. But it's not just about the products; it's about the science and expertise behind them. Our products are backed by dental professionals and have garnered positive reviews from thousands of satisfied customers.

When you invest in SNOW, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a brand that prioritizes your oral health and aesthetic needs.

So, before you embark on your teeth whitening journey, ensure you're equipped with products that are trusted, reliable, and proven to deliver results.

2. SNOW Teeth Whitening Trays

A crucial component of an effective teeth whitening regimen is the application method. This is where SNOW Teeth Whitening Trays come into play.

These trays are meticulously designed to ensure an even distribution of the whitening gel, making them one of the best natural teeth whitening products available.

This uniform application guarantees consistent and impressive results, setting our trays apart from generic ones. Moreover, they are crafted for a comfortable fit, allowing users to wear them for the recommended duration without any discomfort.

The precision in their design is a testament to SNOW's commitment to delivering a holistic and effective whitening experience.

With our trays and kits, you're one step closer to that radiant smile you've always desired.

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3. Night-Time Whitening Routine

The tranquility of the night offers an ideal setting for teeth whitening. With fewer interruptions and no immediate consumption of food or drink, the whitening agents can work undisturbed.

Incorporating a night-time routine can amplify the effectiveness of teeth whitening, allowing the serum to penetrate deeper and work longer.

Using SNOW's Extra-Strength Whitening Serum before bedtime ensures that the active ingredients have ample time to break down stains and discolorations, especially if you're whitening teeth with cavities. The serene hours of sleep, free from the hustle of daily activities, let the serum do its magic.

Moreover, nighttime application reduces the potential for sensitivity, as the mouth produces less saliva during sleep, allowing the product to remain in contact with the teeth for an extended period.

Embracing a night-time whitening routine with SNOW not only maximizes product efficiency but also seamlessly integrates into your daily life, promising a brighter morning smile.

4. Avoid Stain-Causing Foods and Drinks

A radiant smile is not just the result of effective products but also mindful lifestyle choices. Certain foods and beverages are notorious for leaving behind stubborn stains on teeth. Coffee, red wine, dark sodas, and berries are some common culprits that can dim the brightness of your smile.

While it might be challenging to eliminate these entirely from your diet, moderation is key. If you do indulge, consider rinsing your mouth or using SNOW's Activated Floss to minimize potential staining. Drinking dark beverages through a straw can also reduce direct contact with teeth, lessening the staining effect.

Another tip is to consume dairy or high-water content foods alongside or after these stain-causers, as they can act as natural barriers, reducing the potential for discoloration.

By being proactive and making informed choices, you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks while maintaining a luminous smile.

5. Quit Smoking

Smoking is not just detrimental to your overall health, but it's also one of the leading causes of teeth discoloration. The nicotine and tar in tobacco can seep into the tiny pores of the enamel, leading to yellow or brown stains that are often hard to remove.

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Over time, these stains can become more pronounced, giving the teeth a dull and aged appearance. But it's not just about aesthetics. Smoking can also increase the risk of gum disease, which can further compromise the health and appearance of your teeth.

The good news? Quitting smoking can halt and even reverse some of this damage. Within days of quitting, you might notice your breath smells better, and over time, the natural whiteness of your teeth can return.

For those who've recently quit smoking and are looking to expedite the whitening process, consider using products like SNOW's Teeth Whitening Kit to help restore your smile's brilliance.

6. Eat Natural Teeth Whitening Foods

Your diet plays a pivotal role in maintaining the natural whiteness of your teeth. Incorporating natural teeth-whitening foods can complement your oral care routine and enhance the effectiveness of whitening products.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and celery act as natural scrubbers, helping to remove surface stains and freshen your breath.

Strawberries, despite their red hue, contain malic acid, which can naturally whiten teeth.

Dairy products, especially cheese, promote the production of saliva, which acts as a natural cleanser for your teeth.

Additionally, foods rich in calcium and phosphorus, such as almonds and leafy greens, can help remineralize tooth enamel.

While SNOW products are designed to give you a brighter smile, integrating these natural teeth-whitening foods into your diet can further boost the results, ensuring a radiant and healthy smile.

7. Practice Excellent Dental Hygiene

Maintaining impeccable dental hygiene is the cornerstone of a radiant smile. While whitening treatments can work wonders, they're most effective when complemented by a robust daily oral care routine.

Magic Teeth Whitening Strips

SNOW's Magic Teeth Whitening Strips are a quick and convenient way to boost your smile. These strips are designed to remove years of stains, ensuring your teeth remain dazzling between whitening treatments.

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The LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush

An essential tool in your dental arsenal is SNOW's LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush. This innovative toothbrush not only ensures a thorough clean but also comes with an LED light to enhance the whitening process as you brush.

Whitening Water Flosser

Flossing is often overlooked, but it's crucial for removing particles between teeth that can lead to staining. SNOW's Whitening Water Flosser takes this a step further by combining the benefits of flossing with teeth whitening without peroxide.

And for those looking for the best way to whiten teeth without sensitivity, our Advanced Vitamin Infused Whitening Toothpaste is a game-changer.

Advanced Vitamin Infused Whitening Toothpaste

For daily brushing, SNOW's Advanced Vitamin Infused Whitening Toothpaste not only helps in removing surface stains but also nourishes your teeth with essential vitamins.

Incorporating these products into your daily routine ensures that you're not just whitening your teeth, but also taking comprehensive care of your oral health, laying the foundation for a naturally bright and healthy smile.


Achieving a radiant smile is more accessible than ever with the right routine and products.

This article has provided a comprehensive guide on the best teeth whitening routine, emphasizing the importance of investing in quality products, adopting a night-time whitening regimen, and maintaining excellent dental hygiene.

By following these steps and incorporating teeth whitening solutions from SNOW, you're on your way to a brighter, more confident smile.

Remember, a consistent routine combined with the right products can make all the difference in your journey to a dazzling smile.

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