White teeth are a sign of good health and make you more attractive.

The importance of dental health and white teeth has more benefits than you may have thought!

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A study recently confirmed that a white and straight set of teeth makes people more attractive. We already knew this! But here’s why:

Teeth are the human way of saying “Hey, Cutie!”, like how a peacock shows off its tail or birds sing. Teeth are a determinant of health and good genetics that help to choose a partner in life.


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Researchers at Leads and Central Lancashire Universities took photos of models before digitally changing their teeth. The researchers used three different colors for the teeth, yellowish-brown teeth, healthy white teeth, and startling white teeth, which is only attainable by bleaching. They then showed the photos to 150 men and women and asked how attracted they were to the model.

Yellow teeth were very unpopular, wide set teeth were also unfavored.


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Males tend to be thinking about attraction to the females and females are looking at competition with one another. Dr. Hendrie believes that women’s teeth are used to determine age, and provide an estimate of how far from menopause she is. Teeth can also contain indication of childhood illnesses, diet, and some genetic disorders. A want for a good set of teeth and the ability to reproduce could also explain why many women wear lipstick.


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White teeth have the ability to make you more attractive and look years younger. What are you waiting for? Whiten your teeth with snow today, and take our quiz to find out what's staining your teeth!