Oral Health Indicators

Written by Taylor DiGiro

April 07, 2019

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One’s oral health may not always seem like the most important thing, especially when it comes to preventing diseases or infections or the like, but research has shown that it has a significant impact on one’s overall health.

In fact, many diseases and other health problems actually start showing symptoms orally or otherwise can be influenced by poor oral care. One’s mouth is already a hot spot for healthy bacteria, and, because of the damp warm environment, other forms of bacteria are able to thrive. Many diseases can be linked to poor oral health, as the mouth is a top location for bacteria, both good and bad. So, when this harmful bacterium is not properly removed, health problems can arise. (MayoClinic) That is why proper oral hygiene is so important for fighting off harmful bacteria and preventing other, more serious health problems.

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Some health problems that can arise as a result of poor oral hygiene include heart disease and gingivitis, a gum disease. Plaque buildup is the top contributor for these conditions as it can deteriorate one’s gums and cause lesions, leaving gums vulnerable to infection as well as clog arteries leading to poor heart condition and sometimes heart attack.

Oral health is also important to those who are pregnant, as poor oral health has been linked to low birth weight and even premature births, which can pose a threat to the baby. So, taking care of teeth and gums are more important than one may think!

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The mouth is also a place for doctors to check for other diseases. When you go to the doctor, they often take a swab from inside your cheek or the back of your throat to determine an illness. This is because many signs of illness show up in the mouth.

Some of these include strep throat, osteoporosis, diabetes, and liver problems. All of these conditions and more can be detected through the saliva. Other things can also be measured through the saliva such as drug and substance presence, hormone levels, and even signs of certain cancers. The mouth really is a sort of a hot spot for a person’s health so taking proper care of teeth and gums is imperative for the overall health in one’s body.

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But what is a proper oral care routine? At the dentist, they always stress a thorough brushing, flossing daily, and avoiding things like sugary foods that can cause cavities and deteriorate the condition of teeth. Flossing is so important to get the plaque and bacteria out from in between the teeth and promote circulation of the gums, which can prevent bacteria from getting inside and causing infections. The removal of plaque, as stated earlier, is really important for maintaining a healthy circulation of the rest of the body, keeping it free from inflammation and infection.

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In addition to taking care of the inside of your mouth, taking care of the outside can be equally important. This would refer to proper lip care, like treating dry and cracked lips with nourishing, beneficial ingredients. Because so much bacteria can spread through the mouth, it’s just as important to make sure no harmful bacteria can get through any lesions on the lips. Plus, having soft and nourished lips feels great and looks great.

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Oral health is not simply a cosmetic issue, it is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy body. So, do you and your dentist a favor and take extra care from now on to care for your teeth, gums, and lips. Your smile will thank you and so will your body.

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