How to Brush Tongue with Electric Toothbrush

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

July 02, 2024

Learning how to brush your tongue with an electric toothbrush is a simple yet effective step towards better oral hygiene.

In this guide, we'll explore the optimal techniques and benefits of using an electric toothbrush to clean your tongue, enhancing not just the health of your mouth but also the freshness of your breath.

At SNOW, we leverage years of expertise in dental health to recommend practices that boost oral care.

Expect detailed instructions on various brushing motions and tips on making tongue cleaning a vital part of your daily routine, ensuring a comprehensive approach to dental wellness.

What this article covers:

Why You Need to Clean Your Tongue

Cleaning your tongue is crucial because it can harbor bacteria and food particles that not only contribute to bad breath but also to other oral health issues.

According to Healthline, the tongue's surface can collect bacteria and food debris that cause discoloration and a less-than-fresh breath, which is particularly concerning for anyone focused on maintaining a bright, white smile.

Regularly cleaning your tongue helps remove these contaminants, significantly reducing the risk of halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, and supporting overall dental health.

how to brush tongue with electric toothbrush

This practice is especially important for those using at-home teeth whitening products, like mouthwash for whitening teeth, white teeth strips, or a home teeth whitening kit, as a clean oral environment enhances the effectiveness of whitening treatments by ensuring that there are no barriers to the whitening agent.

By incorporating tongue cleaning into your daily oral hygiene routine, you not only achieve a fresher breath but also a more radiant smile.

Can You Brush Your Tongue with an Electric Toothbrush?

Yes, you certainly can use a dentist recommended electric toothbrush to clean your tongue. In fact, brushing your tongue with a toothbrush is highly effective at doing so.

Electric toothbrushes, particularly those with specialized tongue-cleaning modes or attachments, are designed to remove more plaque and bacteria from the tongue than manual brushes.

At SNOW, our LED teeth whitening electric toothbrush not only enhances your teeth whitening regimen but also includes features that ensure comprehensive oral hygiene, including the tongue.

The advanced technology of electric toothbrushes provides thorough cleaning by reaching into the crevices of the tongue, effectively reducing the buildup of harmful bacteria that can cause bad breath and diminish the brightness of your smile.

This makes them a perfect complement to any at-home teeth whitening routine, ensuring that both your teeth and tongue are as healthy and clean as possible.

brush tongue electric toothbrush

How Should You Brush Your Tongue?

Proper tongue brushing is a pivotal aspect of oral hygiene that complements your teeth whitening routine. This section details the step-by-step process using an electric toothbrush to ensure your tongue is as clean as your bright, white teeth.

With SNOW's electric toothbrush, equipped with soft, oscillating bristles and a specialized tongue scraper, you can achieve a thorough clean that enhances both oral health and the effectiveness of teeth whitening treatments.

Back And Forth

Initiate the cleaning by gently moving the brush back and forth across the tongue. This motion helps loosen any debris and bacteria. The design of electric toothbrushes, particularly those with oscillating bristles like ours at SNOW, makes this process not only efficient but also comfortable.

Side To Side

After the initial back-and-forth, switch to sweeping the brush side to side. This ensures that all areas of the tongue are thoroughly reached, further aiding in the removal of any lingering particles.


Once you've brushed thoroughly, it's crucial to rinse your mouth well. This step removes any dislodged debris and bacteria, finalizing the cleaning process. A thorough rinse helps maintain a clean environment in the mouth, crucial for effective at-home teeth whitening.

Utilizing The Tongue Scraper

SNOW's LED teeth whitening electric toothbrush comes with an added feature—a built-in tongue scraper. After brushing, use the scraper to gently glide over the tongue, from back to front.

This helps remove any remaining coating that brushing might not have cleared, ensuring your tongue is as clean as possible. The use of a tongue scraper not only promotes fresher breath but also contributes to a healthier oral environment, supporting your teeth whitening goals.

can i brush my tongue with an electric toothbrush

Should You Brush Your Tongue Every Day?

Yes, we highly recommend incorporating daily tongue brushing into your oral hygiene routine.

Regularly cleaning your tongue is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in your mouth, which in turn supports overall oral health and enhances the effectiveness of at-home teeth whitening.

According to WebMD, tongue brushing can reduce unwanted bacteria that may contribute to tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. These bacteria can also impede the whitening process by creating a film on the teeth that blocks whitening agents.

At SNOW, we understand the importance of comprehensive oral care in achieving the best results from your teeth whitening regimen. By ensuring that your tongue is clean, you not only improve your oral health but also enhance the aesthetic results of your whitening treatment.

Ensuring your mouth is free from harmful bacteria and debris supports a healthier, more radiant smile.

Is It Better to Brush or Use a Tongue Scraper to Clean Your Tongue?

Deciding whether to brush or use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue depends on personal preference and specific oral health needs. Both methods are effective, but they serve slightly different purposes.

Using an electric toothbrush with a tongue-cleaning mode, like those offered by SNOW, provides a thorough clean due to the mechanical action of the brush. This method is excellent for disrupting and removing the soft plaque and bacteria from the tongue's surface, which can enhance breath freshness and contribute to the overall effectiveness of your teeth whitening regimen.

On the other hand, a tongue scraper, which is designed for direct contact with the tongue, can be more effective at physically removing mucous and debris. This tool is often preferred for its simplicity and quick use.

While both methods reduce bacteria, some people find the physical removal of buildup using a scraper more satisfying and thorough.

Ultimately, the best approach may involve using both tools: an electric toothbrush for detailed cleaning and a scraper for finishing touches.

This dual approach ensures the tongue is as clean as possible, supporting both oral health and the efficacy of at-home teeth whitening products.

can you brush tongue with electric toothbrush

Does Brushing Your Tongue Prevent Bad Breath?

Absolutely, regularly brushing your tongue is a key strategy for combating bad breath. The tongue's surface is a breeding ground for bacteria that can produce foul-smelling compounds.

By using an electric toothbrush, which provides superior cleaning capabilities compared to manual brushing, you can effectively remove these bacteria.

At SNOW, our LED teeth whitening electric toothbrush not only helps in achieving a brighter smile but also contributes to fresher breath by efficiently cleaning the tongue.

The effectiveness of tongue brushing in preventing bad breath is supported by its ability to disrupt and remove the biofilm of bacteria that resides on the tongue. This biofilm can contribute significantly to halitosis if not regularly cleaned away.

Cleaning your tongue regularly can prevent the buildup of such bacteria, thus maintaining fresher breath and contributing to overall oral health.


Throughout this guide, we've emphasized the importance of regularly brushing your tongue with an electric toothbrush as part of a comprehensive oral hygiene routine. Doing so effectively removes bacteria and food particles, which are common causes of bad breath and can impact overall dental health.

At SNOW, our advanced LED teeth whitening electric toothbrush is ideally suited not just for teeth cleaning but also for the meticulous care of your tongue, ensuring your mouth stays fresh and clean.

For those looking to enhance their oral health and achieve a brighter smile, consider our teeth whitening products that bring professional results right into your home.

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