Do Electric Toothbrushes Have Lithium Batteries?

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

July 02, 2024

Do electric toothbrushes have lithium batteries? Yes, many electric toothbrushes use lithium batteries due to their long battery life and consistent power output.

In this article, we will explore the types of batteries found in electric toothbrushes, discuss the regulations for traveling with these devices, and provide tips on recycling.

As experts in dental health and at-home teeth-whitening solutions, we at SNOW ensure our products incorporate the latest technology for optimal performance.

Whether you're planning to travel or just curious about the battery in your toothbrush, this guide will cover all you need to know.

What this article covers:

What Kind of Battery Is in an Electric Toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes recommended by dentists typically use two main types of rechargeable batteries: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium-ion (Li-ion).

Electric Toothbrush Battery Types

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries: NiMH batteries have been widely used in electric toothbrushes for years due to their good capacity and cost-effectiveness.

They provide stable power output and can be recharged multiple times, making them reliable for daily use.

do electric toothbrushes have lithium batteries

These electric toothbrush batteries are known for their safety and affordability, making them a popular choice in many mid-range electric toothbrush models​.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries: In recent years, many high-end electric toothbrushes have adopted Li-ion batteries. These batteries are known for their higher energy density, which allows for longer usage between charges.

They also have a lower self-discharge rate, meaning they hold their charge longer when not in use. Li-ion batteries are lightweight and provide consistent power output, ensuring your toothbrush performs efficiently throughout its battery cycle​​.

According to Your Dentistry Guide, these batteries are often found in premium models due to their superior performance and longevity.

The choice between NiMH and Li-ion batteries often depends on factors such as cost, desired battery life, and the specific features of the toothbrush model.

Regardless of the type, following the manufacturer's instructions for proper charging and maintenance is crucial to maximizing battery lifespan and performance.

As experts in dental health, SNOW ensures that our products incorporate the latest battery technology for optimal efficiency and user satisfaction.

does electric toothbrush have lithium battery

Can You Bring an Electric Toothbrush on a Plane?

Yes, you can bring an electric toothbrush on a plane. Both the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have specific guidelines for traveling with lithium batteries.

According to FAA regulations, electric toothbrushes containing lithium batteries are permitted in both carry-on and checked luggage.

However, it is recommended to carry such devices in your carry-on luggage to comply with safety regulations and ensure accessibility during your flight.

FAA Regulations And Guidelines

When it comes to air travel, the FAA has clear guidelines regarding lithium batteries. Lithium batteries must adhere to specific requirements to ensure safe transport.

According to the FAA, devices with lithium batteries, such as electric toothbrushes, are allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage.

However, the FAA recommends placing these devices in your carry-on luggage due to safety considerations. Lithium batteries should not exceed 100 watt-hours (Wh) for consumer electronics without special airline approval.

Airline Policies

While the FAA provides overarching guidelines, individual airlines may have additional policies. It's essential to check with your airline before traveling to confirm compliance with their specific rules.

Most airlines align with FAA regulations, but they might have extra recommendations or requirements. For instance, some airlines may ask you to secure the battery terminals to prevent short circuits.

Checking the TSA's guidance on traveling with electronic toothbrushes can also provide useful insights. The TSA states that electric toothbrushes are allowed in carry-on bags, making it convenient for travelers to maintain their oral hygiene.

Traveling with your electric toothbrush doesn't have to be complicated. By understanding and following these guidelines, you can ensure your device is safely packed and ready for use throughout your journey.

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How to Recycle Electric Toothbrushes and Their Batteries

Recycling electric toothbrushes and their batteries is essential for environmental sustainability.

Many components of electric toothbrushes, including the batteries, can be recycled,

Recycling Batteries

Lithium-ion and Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries should be taken to designated recycling centers.

These batteries contain materials that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

Many local recycling programs accept these batteries, and some retailers offer take-back programs. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recycling batteries helps recover valuable metals and reduces the need for new raw materials. Proper disposal prevents potential soil and water contamination.

Recycling Toothbrushes

The plastic components of electric toothbrushes can often be recycled through specialized electronic waste programs. It's important to separate the battery from the toothbrush before recycling.

Our research indicates that separating electronic waste ensures that harmful substances are managed correctly and valuable materials are recovered source. Many communities have electronic waste collection events or designated drop-off locations.

At SNOW, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices and ensuring our products are as eco-friendly as possible.

By recycling your electric toothbrush and its components, you contribute to a cleaner environment and help conserve natural resources.


How do you pack an electric toothbrush for flying?

When packing an electric toothbrush for flying, ensure it is stored in your carry-on luggage. This helps comply with regulations and allows easy access during security checks.

Use a protective case to prevent damage during transit.

Can you use an electric toothbrush on a plane?

Yes, you are allowed to use your electric toothbrush on a plane. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) permits the use of personal electronic devices, including electric toothbrushes, during flights.

This includes our LED teeth whitening electric toothbrush, which you can use to maintain your oral hygiene even while traveling. However, it's best to use it in the lavatory to avoid disturbing other passengers.

Can you bring toothpaste on a plane?

You can bring toothpaste on a plane, but it must comply with the TSA's liquids rule. This means it should be in a container of 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less and placed in a quart-sized bag if carried in your hand luggage.

teeth whitening mouthwash

Can I take mouthwash on a plane?

Yes, you can take mouthwash on a plane. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows liquids, including mouthwash, in containers of 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less. These must be placed in a quart-sized bag if carried in your hand luggage. This rule ensures you can bring your favorite mouthwash to whiten teeth even while traveling.

Is it better to brush, floss, or mouthwash while flying?

Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash each have their benefits. Brushing removes plaque and food particles, flossing cleans between teeth, and mouthwash can freshen breath and reduce bacteria.

Combining these practices as part of your routine can help maintain oral health during your flight.


Knowing the types of batteries in electric toothbrushes and the travel guidelines ensures effective oral hygiene maintenance.

NiMH and Li-ion batteries each have their advantages, and understanding these can help you choose the best option for your needs. Additionally, following proper recycling methods for both the toothbrush and its batteries contributes to environmental sustainability.

At SNOW, we're dedicated to providing innovative and reliable dental care products. Discover how our LED teeth whitening electric toothbrush can keep your teeth bright and healthy by checking out our teeth whitening products.

Safe travels and happy brushing!

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