Feel Confident in Your Smile

There’s little better than walking around, feeling confident because you know you look great and you feel great. A healthy smile has this effect. Not having to worry about opening your mouth and showing off coffee or red wine stains on your teeth, but knowing that you’ve got bright, pearly whites under there. Having white teeth is a great confidence boost and it’ll probably make you smile that much more.

best at home wireless snow kit
Lots of factors can lead to the staining and yellowing of teeth. The foods we eat, beverages we consume, and the way we clean our teeth all have an influence on the appearance of our smiles. When we eat foods or beverages that are especially pigmented, those stains can attach to the enamel of our teeth, which causes staining. Despite our best efforts, brushing and flossing are not always a match for the toughest of stains. Still, it is very important for the health of our teeth. Sometimes they just need a helping hand. 

That’s where teeth whitening comes into play. 

Teeth whitening systems use their formula to go underneath the surface of the tooth and lighten it, removing the appearance of stains. While there are many different systems out there and the principle is the same, they’re all different in the ways they work for everyone as well as in the formula itself. Some whitening systems don’t work as well as others, as some can cause intense pain and sensitivity, and some may actually hurt your teeth. 

Professional dental whitening sessions are an option, but a very expensive one. Not only can these treatments greatly hurt your pocket, but people have also reported sensitivity afterward. There is also a perk of being able to whiten your teeth without leaving your home, doing it on your own time, and not having to shell out thousands of dollars. 

Snow offers a teeth whitening kit that is approved by dentists because their whitening serum was formulated by doctors to be safe on teeth and not cause any sensitivity for users. 

Snow is an oral care company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction and changing the world of teeth whitening. Already, with their system’s state of the art technology, Snow has raised the bar for other companies. 

Their teeth whitening kit uses their whitening serum in conjunction with their LED light mouthpiece to go beneath the surface of the teeth and remove old, tough to get stains. Snow’s system works three times faster than white strips and brings users professional-grade whitening results. In fact, most users start to see results within the first three uses. 

best teeth whitening wireless kit

Snow has released a new version of their teeth whitening kit that offers new features to improve the whitening results. Some of these features include a wireless and waterproof mouthpiece, self - sanitizing technology, and a red light setting.

Snow’s new system also includes new, unique technology like gesture recognition to bring customers a more tailored whitening experience. This way, with just a shake, the wireless mouthpiece will turn on, whiten or treat gums, and turn off. You can also use the app along with it so that it can remember your whitening preferences. 

The red light feature is the most groundbreaking for this at-home system because it provides a treatment for gums that eliminates bacteria and increases blood circulation. Red light is used in dental care particularly for receding gum lines and inflammation. 

at home teeth whitening wireless red light therapy

Snow’s system offers its users a lot more than the average teeth whitening kit. For the price of the whitening kit, you get professional-grade dental treatments from the comfort of your own home. With Snow, you can feel confident and excited to show off your bright white smile every day. Just ten minutes a day will give you an easy, painless whitening and a gorgeous smile. 

Try Snow’s system today and join their thousands of happy customers!