Can I Drink Lemonade After Teeth Whitening?

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

December 28, 2023

Can I drink lemonade after teeth whitening?

The straightforward answer is, it's advisable to wait. After a teeth whitening session, your teeth are temporarily more prone to staining, making lemonade not the best choice immediately post-treatment.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into why certain drinks, including lemonade, might affect your whitening results.

We'll also provide a list of safe beverages to consume post-whitening, foods and drinks to avoid for maintaining your results, and answer frequently asked questions about post-whitening care.

Our goal is to ensure your journey to a brighter smile is successful and informed.

What this article covers:

Can You Drink Lemonade After Teeth Whitening?

When it comes to post-teeth whitening care, understanding the impact of certain beverages on your newly brightened smile is crucial. Specifically, the question arises: Can you drink lemonade after teeth whitening? The answer is nuanced but important for maintaining your results.

Lemonade, particularly those high in color and acidity, can adversely affect your teeth post-whitening. After a whitening session, your teeth are more vulnerable to staining and the acidic content in lemonade can exacerbate this sensitivity.

WebMD advises that after whitening treatments, it's important to avoid acidic beverages like lemonade for a period to protect your teeth. This is because the acidic nature of these drinks can harm the enamel, especially when it's more susceptible post-whitening.

To ensure the longevity of your whitening results, we recommend waiting at least 48 hours before consuming lemonade. This waiting period allows your teeth to rehydrate and re-mineralize, reducing the risk of staining and enamel erosion.

By following this guideline, you're not just preserving the aesthetic appeal of your teeth but also their health and integrity.

sparkling water after teeth whitening

What to Drink After Teeth Whitening

After brightening your smile with our SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit or Teeth Whitening Strips, it's essential to be mindful of what you drink. The first 48 hours post-whitening are particularly crucial in maintaining your results.

Water is undoubtedly the safest and most beneficial choice for your teeth post-whitening. As Healthline suggests, water not only poses no risk of staining your teeth but also helps in maintaining oral hygiene by rinsing away potential stains and keeping you hydrated.

Milk and white tea are also excellent choices. Milk, being non-acidic and light in color, won't jeopardize your whitening results. White tea, in contrast to darker teas or coffee, is much less likely to stain teeth. These beverages help in preserving the brightness of your smile without compromising the health of your teeth.

By carefully selecting your drinks post-whitening, you can extend the life of your SNOW teeth whitening results, ensuring your smile stays radiant and healthy.

Beverages and Foods to Avoid After Having Your Teeth Whitened

After achieving a brighter smile with our teeth whitening products, it's important to know which foods and drinks to avoid to maintain your results. Certain items can cause staining and diminish the effects of your whitening treatment.


Coffee is a well-known culprit for causing teeth stains. Its dark color and strong pigments can quickly undo the effects of teeth whitening. To keep your smile bright, consider reducing your coffee intake or switching to lighter alternatives.

Red Wine

Red wine, while known for its health benefits, is not so friendly to whitened teeth. Its deep color and acidity can lead to staining. If you choose to indulge, do so in moderation and consider rinsing your mouth with water afterward.

Dark Sodas

Dark-colored sodas are another beverage to avoid post-whitening. Their high sugar content and coloring agents can stain teeth. Opt for clear or light-colored drinks instead.


Like coffee, tea, especially black tea, can stain teeth. Herbal and white teas are safer choices as they are less likely to affect the color of your teeth.

Acidic Foods

Acidic foods, such as citrus fruits and vinegar-based dressings, can weaken enamel and promote staining. Limiting these foods will help maintain your whitening results.

Brightly Colored Foods

Foods with strong colors, like berries, beets, and sauces, can stain teeth. It's best to avoid these for a while after whitening your teeth.

By avoiding these foods and beverages, you can extend the life of your teeth whitening results. Remember, maintaining a white smile is not just about the treatment but also about how you care for your teeth afterward.

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Teeth Whitening FAQs

Can I drink sparkling water after teeth whitening?

Yes, sparkling water is generally safe post-whitening. However, opt for plain sparkling water without added colors or flavors to avoid any risk of staining.

Can you eat ice cream after teeth whitening?

Absolutely! Ice cream, particularly vanilla or other light-colored flavors, is safe to eat after teeth whitening. It's a great way to treat yourself while keeping your teeth bright.

Can I drink coke after teeth whitening?

It's best to avoid Coke and other dark sodas for at least 48 hours after teeth whitening. These beverages can significantly diminish the effects of your whitening treatment.


Maintaining the brilliance of your teeth after a whitening treatment involves careful consideration of what you eat and drink.

From avoiding lemonade and other acidic beverages to steering clear of coffee, red wine, and brightly colored foods, these measures are key to preserving your results.

Remember, the first 48 hours are crucial, so choose your drinks and meals wisely. For more tips on keeping your teeth sparkling and to explore our range of products for whitening teeth, visit SNOW today. Your journey to a brighter, whiter smile is just a click away!

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