Byte vs Invisalign

Written by Josh Snow

January 29, 2021

Consider this comparison like Father vs. Son. Invisalign is like the dad and Byte is very much like the son. Invisalign has age and experience on their side, while Byte has youth and innovation on theirs.

Invisalign vs Byte

black boxing glove


What do we know about these guys?

Invisalign opened up a whole new world for crooked smiles in 1997 when they showed the world what is possible through two clear pieces of plastic. They were the first, but they certainly weren’t the last.

Byte is pretty darn new to the clear aligner industry, and in 2018, they came in like a lion. Byte has introduced ideas that are fresher and more innovative than any other brands on the market today.

Like we said, Invisalign has been around for two decades and Byte is practically a baby—a baby with some serious teeth.

They are both clear aligners, that is true. They both straighten teeth. Again, more truth. But that’s about where it ends.

Let’s dive into the comparison between Invisalign and Byte clear aligners.

In the game of dad vs son, the son is victorious.

Byte comes out on top

  1. They guarantee customer satisfaction. Their Byte-For-Life guarantee declares that if your new smile goes wonky (due to no injury or tooth loss), they will put it back to the proper alignment for FREE.
  2. They are the fastest. Byte is the Usain Bolt of teeth aligners. Three months. It takes Byte an average of three months to align teeth. Invisalign’s treatment plan lasts a minimum of twelve months on average.
  3. Innovation. Their exclusive HyperByte technology is responsible for the speediness of their teeth alignment process. To get your hands on the innovation that Byte offers through their HyperByte device, you would pay $1000 elsewhere. Byte’s vibration tech is exclusive to their brand of clear aligners.
  4. Price, price, baby. Byte is much less expensive than Invisalign with a price of $1,895. Invisalign treatment ranges from $3,000 to $8,000. That is a huge difference.

What are the best and worst parts of at-home and in-office programs?

The way each treatment program is delivered is very different for Invisalign and Byte. Byte operates their treatment plans remotely, in the comfort of the customer’s home.

On the other hand, Invisalign has chosen to do the complete opposite and requires in-office visits with dental professionals.

What do people like about in-office plans like Invisalign?

  • Seeing dental professionals on a consistent basis means that customers’ teeth are observed and adjusted as needed throughout the process.
  • In-office treatment plans allow for professionals to provide hands-on treatment for clients who have teeth that need treatment beyond the mild to moderate help.
  • Treatment plans that occur in an office offer more one-on-one treatment and individualized discussions with patient and professional.

What don’t people like about in-office plans like Invisalign?

  • In-office treatment means more time and inconvenience.
  • In-office treatment means more money. Basically, it’s more expensive.

What do people like about at-home plans like Byte?

  • At-home treatments have a shorter duration for their programs, most average six months. (Byte averages three months.)
  • At-home treatments are more affordable than in-office plans.
  • At-home treatments allow for convenience.

What don’t people like about at-home plans like Byte?

  • At-home plans do not have face-to-face interaction.
  • At-home plans are not designed to straighten extremely spaced or crowded teeth, or serious bite issues.

Which is better, in-office or at-home?

The answer to the questions is completely subjective. It’s a matter of personal preference.

If you prefer face-to-face, personalized interaction, you may not be in favor of the at-home option of Byte. In addition, if you have more severe teeth issues, an at-home treatment may not suit you.

If the financial part of getting aligners is a big factor and your teeth have mild to moderate issues, then an at-home treatment program like Byte is a better option for you.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Effectiveness: Invisalign vs. Byte

No matter how any of the other factors shake out, the main thing people want to know is if the product does what it claims to do.

Invisalign Byte
Manufactured by the top aligner producer, Align Technology Manufacturer is unknown
Aligners trimmed in scalloped shape to follow gum line Aligners trimmed straight across to leverage power and shorten treatment duration
Treats the same severe conditions as braces  Treats mild to moderate issues


Treatment Capability

Invisalign would be considered the more effective treatment because their aligner system can remedy more issues than Byte clear aligners.

Byte’s service is entirely at-home, so they can only correct mild to moderate issues. Invisalign is not limited by this. Invisalign can correct as many issues as braces because they incorporate attachments with their aligners that make them more versatile and powerful.

Smartforce attachments were developed by Invisalign to attach directly to the teeth, encouraging more specific movements.

Quality of Manufacturers

Aligners are pieces of plastic that are forced tightly against the bite surface for twenty-two hours every day. They need to be pretty darn sturdy.

Invisalign partners with Align Technology. Align is a heavy hitter in the field of aligner production. They created SmartTrack material to move teeth more accurately.

We don’t actually know who Byte uses, but they seem to be reliable manufacturers based on the effectiveness of their aligners.

Are they a cut above?

There are two cut options: straight or scalloped. No biggie, right.

Wrong. Byte claims to be faster, so they use the cut that is proven to be the fastest. Aligners that are cut straight across the top decrease treatment duration.

Byte’s aligners partially cover the gums allowing them to put more force on the teeth. This allows for faster movement of the teeth.

Invisalign uses a more comfy, scalloped aligner. By itself, a scalloped aligner works much slower. BUT, Invisalign also has attachments that allow those aligners to exert their own extra level of pressure to encourage movement.

The Professionals

Byte uses both dentists and orthodontists for remote treatment. They guarantee that an orthodontist will be on the development team for your treatment plan.

Your Invisalign professional is a matter of personal choice. Clients can choose an orthodontist or a dentist to administer their clear aligner treatment program. This means regular, in-office visits.

Let’s talk tech

Invisalign and Byte incorporate software for teeth scans that are used to generate 3D models of your teeth, and then digitally replicate a treatment program.

Invisalyn uses iTero and ClinCheck alongside their treatment program to produce successful results by outlining specific movements for the individual teeth.

Byte does something pretty smart. They go beyond straightening your teeth. Byte takes a patient’s entire face into consideration when developing every smile. They make sure the smile is balanced with your entire face.

The piece of tech we love the most is their HyperByte vibration device. This little piece of equipment allows Byte to achieve the desired results in three months on average. In five minutes a day, the HyperByte reduces treatment time.

Snow teeth whitening kit

How much does treatment cost when you choose Invisalign or Byte?

different types of dollar bills


It doesn’t amount to much if you can’t pay the bill to realign your smile, now does it? So before you choose the right aligner, be sure you can pay for your new toothy grin.

Invisalign Byte
Financing is dependent on the provider Down payment, 100% approval
Retainers cost $100-$300 Retainers provided at no extra fee
Price varies from $3,000 to $8,000  Price is $1,895 and $2,295 for Byte At-Night


Invisalign may give some clients a bit of sticker shock. Their aligners cost about the same as traditional metal braces with a price ranging from $3,000 to $8,000.

Byte charges $1,895 for their daytime aligners. For their Byte At-Night aligners, the upfront price is $2,295. This fee includes the retainers.

Who takes insurance, Invisalign or Byte?

Unfortunately, many insurance companies believe that most treatments to align the teeth are just for looks. Cosmetic treatment is generally not covered by insurance. Insurance may cover a portion of the cost to use clear aligners.

Invisalign uses dentists and orthodontists, and they are set up to take payments directly from insurance companies.

Byte will not allow insurance companies to send them payments. Byte asks its clients to pay out of pocket and then deal with your insurance company for reimbursement. Byte has people who will handle the paperwork for you at your request.

What are your payment options with Invisalign and Byte?

Invisalign and Byte have financing and payment plans.

Invisalign leaves the type of payment plan up to their dental professionals. So there is no set financing option.

BytePay allows every customer who applies for financing to be approved—no matter their credit score. For their standard aligners, clients pay $349 down and $89 per month for the twenty-nine months to follow.

If you go with Byte At-Night, you can expect to pay a $449 down payment and twenty-nine monthly installments of $99.

Byte comes with a 5-year Smile Protection Plan that comes with biannual retainer replacements, as well as two free retainer replacements.

Who is more convenient, Invisalign or Byte?

The average person has a busy lifestyle with a schedule to manage and maintain. So, squeezing in regular visits to an office is bothersome at best.

Convenience is important.

Invisalign Byte
Average treatment duration is twelve to eighteen months Average treatment duration is 3 months
Monthly in-office visits 100% at-home treatment
Office consultation with professional is required to begin process Must order impression kit online to begin process
Does not have nighttime aligners  Byte At-Night aligner option


How to start treatment with Invisalign and Byte

Once you have decided that you are finally ready to take the leap and get clear aligners, you need to get started.

Getting started with Byte is pretty painless. It’s quick and simple. Go online, order an impression kit, take your impressions, and mail them in to Byte.

Invisalign treatment is individually planned by the dentist of your choosing. After a consultation, you will have your teeth scanned and x-rayed. Then the dentist will design your aligners and a plan for treatment.

Treatment Duration of Invisalign and Byte

Treatment depends on the condition. If your teeth just need a little tweaking, your treatment plan will be done more quickly.

This is where Byte takes the cake … and their customers get to eat it! Byte has an average treatment duration of only three months. The fastest in the industry.

It lasts about three months unless you choose their nighttime treatment option. Byte At-Night decreases your daily wear time to ten hours while increasing your duration to six months.

Conversely, if you have more extreme issues, then treatment will last longer, potentially as long as eighteen months with Invisalign.

Are office visits a big deal?

Invisalign would say yes. They believe that office visits are necessary for treatment. Those regular visits enable your dentist of choice to track your progress and make sure your teeth are moving right on schedule.

But those visits aren’t exactly convenient.

You’ll never enter an orthodontist’s office when you choose Byte. All the materials you need will be sent right to your door in your aligner starter kit. You are in the driver’s seat.

How do they look?

If you’re considering clear aligners, you know they are much less conspicuous than a mouth full of metal braces.

Appearance preference is absolutely subjective.

Invisalign Byte
Resistant to stains Resistant to stains
Scalloped cut to match gum line Scalloped cut to match gum line
Textured, frosted plastic mimics tooth surface Translucent, smooth surface, appears slightly artificial
Supplemental appliances / attachments No attachments or appliances


What are they made of?

Clear aligners are composed of BPA-free, medical-grade plastics. Some like their plastic aligners to be created with a smooth and shiny surface, while others prefer a matte finish that matches a more natural appearance.

Byte has opted for a more artificial appearance with their smooth, shiny texture.

Invisalign uses the matte finish and looks much more natural to the observer.

Which aligner is a cut above?

Cut has two purposes: appearance and power.

Invisalign uses the scalloped cut which has a more pleasing appearance, but doesn’t offer enough power on its own. Invisalign must couple their aligners with attachments to increase their force.

Byte uses aligners that are cut straight across and cover a portion of the gum line. This cut allows Byte aligners to exert more leverage and power to encourage faster movement of the teeth. It aids in shortening treatment duration.

Which patient’s love their brand?

If you’ve never had the experience of changing doctors or service companies because their treatment of you was unforgettable (in a bad way), you’re lucky. Many of us know exactly what it feels like to walk away from a great product because the customer service was awful.

Invisalign’s customer service is pretty good because you deal with a professional in person. The experience will vary from office to office.

Byte’s customer care experience is great, as well. They have superior customer service in comparison to other at-home aligner services.

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Patient Experience

Invisalign Byte
May speak directly with chosen dentist Positive online reviews
In-office tracking of your progress to be certain desired results are achieved Free refinements if smile doesn’t align as expected
Dental office acts as support Personal Byte advisor for questions
Full treatment plan comes with free refinements. Refunds vary by office. Byte-for-Life Guarantee, deliver replacement aligners if teeth move out of alignment. No refunds.


Invisalign offers personal, in-office customer support. This obviously must be done during regular office hours of the dental professional. Even if you contact the company, they will more than likely refer your communication to your dentist’s office.

Byte is available through a phone call, email, social media, or online chat from 8 am to 6 pm PST. Byte is committed to responding within twenty-four hours..

Who oversees your treatment?

Invisalign will give you one-on-one oversight for the duration of your treatment. You will be required to attend monthly office visits. This allows them to see your progress and ensure that you are on target to properly align your teeth.

Byte has an advisor matched with each client who checks in during the process. However, there is no dental professional tracking individual progress.

This means that Byte is a bit more risky if a problem arises.

Are there refunds or guarantees with Invisalign or Byte?

Byte will not offer a refund. Period. However, they want to be sure their customers end up with the resulting smile that they desire. So they will not quit trying to correct your smile for free.

They continue with this attitude for the rest of your life thanks to their Byte-for-Life Guarantee.

Refunds aren’t a major issue for Invisalign because of the nature of their treatment plan. Dental professionals follow their clients throughout the process to ensure that the teeth are falling into place properly.

For Invisalign, refunds are up to the discretion of the individual dentists.

Which one is right for you?

Invisalign and Byte are both great companies producing an excellent product.

Invisalign is the best option for all clients with more severe issues with bite, crowding, or spacing. No other aligner company can claim this.

If you have mild to moderate issues, Byte is the best choice. Hands down. We love Byte as the go-to choice for clear aligners.

We would love for you to check out our other posts on clear aligners. We’ve reviewed the top contenders for you!