Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Written by Josh Beechraft

March 21, 2021

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.”
—John Ray


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Smiles are a universal language. A smile can communicate thoughts and feelings without uttering a single word out loud.

A smile can reveal awkwardness, delight, excitement, disgust, surprise, joy, fear, uncertainty, irritation, or sheer gladness at the sight of another person. We can see the difference between a smirk and a patronizing smile, empathy and pity, anger and irritation, just by the way a person is smiling at us.

Like it or lump it, smiles often reveal our hearts to the world. They break down cultural barriers. Every person in every corner of the world knows how to translate a great smile.

But what type of smile do we translate as the most inviting? Which smile is most appealing? A bright, white smile. We are naturally drawn to those smiles more than a crusty, brown smile offered by characters like Beetlejuice.

Snow teeth whitening kit

Whitening your teeth comes with perks. It’s just true. There are many benefits to showing the world a beautifully white smile. It isn’t a celebrity thing. It’s a people thing.

White teeth don’t just happen. Most of us need a little help to have a truly white smile. Life gets in the way, coffee takes over, and wine leaves its mark. Acids erode the teeth, failure to floss leads to tooth decay, and avoiding the dentist can leave your mouth in a mess.

Teeth whitening to the rescue! When it comes to having your teeth whitened, there are several positive outcomes for you.

What are the benefits of a Teeth Whitening?

  1. Teeth Whitening Shows that Oral Health is a Priority: A whiter smile naturally communicates to the world that your oral health is a priority. White teeth typically mean that a person is using proper oral hygiene for fresh breath and a clean mouth.

    Appropriate oral hygiene involves flossing, rinsing, and brushing at least twice every day. When you follow an effective routine twice a day, it means that your teeth have less tooth decay because they are properly cared for.

    Regular oral care also means that your breath is normally fresher because the excess debris and bacteria are removed before they can cause nasty odors to develop and sit inside the mouth … waiting to blow in the face of some unsuspecting person. No thanks.

    Regular visits to the dentist are a necessity when you make oral hygiene a priority. Your dentist will be sure to check for anything lurking inside your mouth that might cause problems. Those problems can be hiding between your teeth, on the surfaces of your teeth, or your gums.

    Last but not least, excellent oral health is good for your entire body. A sickly mouth leads to a sickly body. All those germs and issues do not stay contained within your mouth. They affect the rest of the body negatively.

  2. Teeth Whitening Leads to Improved Self-Esteem: Yep. Having your teeth whitened is great for your self-esteem. The harsh reality is that as humans, we do not only judge others based on their appearance; we also judge ourselves. And we are usually not very kind.

    When we look in the mirror, most of us are keenly aware of our teeth. If we are unhappy with the mirror reflection, it shows in our attitude and the way we present ourselves to others. We hesitate to smile. Holding back our smiles from others leaves a frigid impression.

    However, when we like our reflection, it changes our outlook on ourselves. We reflect back to the world a warmth combined with a winning smile, and that is much better than lips clenched in fear and insecurity.

  3. Improved Appearance: A mouth full of whiter teeth is a relatively easy way to improve your appearance. The effect of having your teeth whitened is pretty amazing.

    It may sound far-fetched, but having your teeth whitened brightens the appearance of your entire face. Drinking dark soda, black tea, coffee, and wine leave our teeth stained and dingy. Frankly, discolored teeth are not pretty to look at, nor do they draw any positive attention.

    When steps are taken to remove discoloration completely changes, and the teeth are brightened up, our faces’ look completely changes. It’s a straightforward way to improve appearance.

  4. Teeth Whitening Means More People Are Attracted to You: Okay, try it. Look around in a room full of people and see who you find yourself more drawn to. You can bet that you’ll find yourself wanting to meet and chat with the people who have beautiful, white smiles.

    Feel free to hop and Google and do the research. You will find that people are naturally attracted to others who have whiter smiles. So, when you whiten your teeth, you can bet that you’ll have more people paying attention to you thanks to your attractive smile.

  5. Teeth Whitening Means that Wrinkles Are Less Noticeable: I’m serious. Your wrinkles are less likely to be noticed when your teeth are whitened. People will be noticing your fantastic smile instead of counting all of your wrinkles.

    old lady smiling
    Notice that I didn’t say it improves wrinkles or reduces wrinkles. That would be a big, fat lie. However, having a whiter smile simply makes those darn wrinkles take a backseat to your spectacular pearly whites. Who doesn’t want that? Sign me up.

  6. Teeth Whitening is Affordable: Whitening your teeth is not going to bankrupt you. It doesn’t cost a ton of money to improve your smile. As a matter of fact, there are many choices for whitening your teeth. It all depends on the current level of discoloration and the whiteness you want to achieve.

    You can opt for whitening toothpaste for a minimal amount of stain removal. The toothpaste can be purchased in stores or online. Some of these can be very abrasive, so be cautious.

    There are also whitening systems that may be purchased. There are whitening strips that can be placed on the teeth like an enamel bandage and worn for about 30 minutes at a time over a ten- to fourteen-day period. Several brands make and sell these strips.

    There are also tray whitening systems. Snow has an excellent whitening system that any other over-the-counter product cannot beat. The results are amazing and affordable.

    Be sure to do your research before making a decision. Some whitening options can damage the teeth with abrasive ingredients or cause increased sensitivity. (Snow’s option comes with a product to reduce sensitivity.)

  7. Teeth Whitening is Safe: When using a reputable product like Snow’s teeth whitening system or seeing a professional, teeth whitening is completely safe.

    Many people have been safely whitening their teeth for decades. Check with your dentist to make certain the product you’ve chosen is right for you. And be sure to look for the American Dental Association seal of approval and follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to whiten your teeth safely.

    Dentists know the proper procedure to safely whiten your teeth without causing any damage to your teeth or your gums. It is important that the whitening gel not be placed onto the gums. A dentist can easily do this for you.

  8. Teeth Whitening is Quick: One hour. Yep. All you need is one hour to remove stains and emerge from the dental chair with a whiter smile.

    You can literally pop into a dentist’s office and have a whitening procedure done. It will take the dentist about an hour to give your teeth a whiter smile. Easy peasy.

    If you want to whiten your teeth on your own, you can see an improvement in ten days to fourteen days. If you want major results, Snow can drastically improve your teeth in three weeks with the whitening system available on their website.

  9. Teeth Whitening Leads to More Opportunities: That’s right. Whitening your teeth can create more opportunities for you. Keeping up appearances has its advantages when it comes to your smile.

    More people want to meet you and talk to you when you have a bright, white smile. This translates into additional life opportunities—even in the workforce. You betcha. Keep up with those pearly whites for making a better impression on the boss.

Those are nine benefits of having your teeth whitened. The benefits are pretty darn positive. Improve your appearance, improve your outlook, improve your state of mind, and increase your opportunities.

Whitening your teeth is a win-win!

The world loves a healthy, white smile. There probably aren’t too many reasons why you cannot have a mouth full of gorgeous pearly whites. So, why not try whitening your teeth for yourself?

And you can make it happen from the comfort of your own home. Just give Snow a chance to improve your life!