7 Surprising Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

7 Surprising Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

The benefits of good oral hygiene extend far beyond having clean teeth and a winning smile. Most people know a beautiful smile is the foundation for good health, but there are many more surprising benefits! 

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1. Improved Mental Health (yes, really)

    If you have white teeth, you feel more inclined to smile and show your pearly whites off to the world! This will help to trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine, making you happier and improving your mental health overall.

    Of course, to get white teeth you need an effective teeth whitening kit like SNOW as well as good dental hygiene. Once you lose that discoloration and reap the rewards, the extra effort will be so worth it!

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    2. Saving Money

      The more you care for your teeth, the less your dentist will need to work on them and the more money you will save! You should still go for a check-up every now and then, but by preventing gum disease, cavities and other dental disasters you could be saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year.

      The average American will spend nearly $700 a year on dental work! If you develop gum disease, cavities, and other serious issues, those costs will spiral even higher. Yikes. Let's avoid that. 

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      3. Avoiding the Domino Effect of Gum Disease

      Gum disease starts innocently enough, with tender gums, a little bleeding, and some pinkness, but, if left untreated, it can develop into a dental nightmare and one that could carry on to the rest of your health. 

      Gum disease can lead to serious issues in your mouth, including irreparable damage to your gums and teeth, and it may also be impacting on your cardiovascular health.

      While the jury is still out on the subject, many experts now believe that gum disease is a contributing factor in coronary heart disease, which is the biggest killer in the United States. Dental plaque has been found in the arteries of patients with heart disease and there is a direct correlation between poor dental health and increased risk of dying from heart disease.

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      4. Fresh Breath

        No one wants smelly breath, but no one truly knows just how putrid their own breath is. The only way to ensure your breath doesn’t stink is to maintain good oral hygiene, whether it be by brushing your teeth and tongue and using mouthwash, or by limiting your consumption of tea, coffee and other drinks that can leave a sour taste in your mouth and a sour smell on your breath.

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        5. Keeping More than just Gum Disease at Bay

        Your dental and cardiovascular health are not the only things at risk when you have poor oral hygiene. Researchers have found links between gum disease and increased risk of diabetes, premature birth, dementia, and arthritis. 

        That’s not to say that gum disease is a direct cause of these. Correlation doesn’t imply causation (throwback to stats class, am I right?), but the connections are there and that should be more than enough to cause concern and encourage you to improve your hygiene.

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        6. Improved Love Life

         Both men and women have emphasized the importance of good dental hygiene when looking for a date. There are people who are happy to overlook yellowed teeth and even bad breath, but the vast majority are turned off by it and simply by having clean teeth, fresh breath and a winning smile you could be significantly improving your chances of finding someone special!

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        7. No Pain from Rotten or Impacted Teeth. Hooray!

          Dental pain is far from the worst pain that humans can experience, but it tends to be one of the worst pains that the average person will experience. Convenient, I know. The pain of an impacted tooth, a cavity, or an infected tooth can be unbearable at times, and it’s a pain that someone with poor dental hygiene is constantly exposing themselves to.

          No one enjoys getting root canals or having their teeth pulled. So, to be free of pain and expensive dental treatments, and to reap a host of other benefits, make sure you brush your teeth regularly.

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          Now that you know how to keep them nice and healthy, keep them sparkling too! Try Snow today and take our quiz to find out what's staining your teeth!


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