5 Of The Best Ingredients To Put On Your Lips

Written by Taylor DiGiro

February 19, 2019

 Your lips can be one of the most sensitive places on your body, as they are constantly subject to harsh or drying effects from saliva, spicy foods, harsh winds, and cold air. So, what you put on your lips is very important in order to protect and soften your lips.

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So, here are five of some of the best ingredients that you can use as a way to moisturize and protect your lips.

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  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be very moisturizing and does wonders to repair the skin. It has many benefits with topical application including moisturizing and healing dry skin as well as wounds. Coconut oil is made up of fatty acids which are good for promoting a healthy barrier on the skin and therefore keeping harmful agents out. Studies have shown that coconut oil can significantly increase skin hydration. This promotes the skin’s barrier, protecting it from harmful agents as well as promoting the healing of scars and maintaining the skin’s integrity overall. So, if you suffer from dry or cracked or bleeding lips, coconut oil will largely help to improve your lips’ condition.

coconut oil

  1. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil has a lot of moisturizing and anti-aging properties that promote the health and condition of lips. It is a lighter oil than most that absorbs quickly into skin for lasting moisture, perfect for healing lips. Jojoba oil is also gentle and can even help to balance oil production in skin and preserve damaged skin.

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  1. Beeswax

Beeswax is popular in many lip products because of how natural and gentle it is on the skin. Beeswax also provides a protective barrier on the skin from any harmful environmental impacts while restoring and rejuvenating the skin for fresh and healthy lips. It is also a humectant, which is something that attracts water, keeping your lips hydrated for longer periods of time.

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  1. Resveratrol

Resveratrol is an antioxidant often found in red wine to prevent aging and is now being used often in the beauty world. This antioxidant is supposed to reverse or slow aging as well as promote collagen production, a vital part of plump, hydrated skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that heal damage to the skin from sun or external factors and calm and soothe. Resveratrol is also predicted to stimulate healthy tissue growth, which is essential for promoting healthy and smooth lips.

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  1. Glycerol

Glycerol is used in many lip products because of its moisturizing properties and ability to soothe irritated or dry skin. Glycerol comes from glycerin, which helps skin absorb moisture from the air and prevents water stored in the skin from being evaporated, and therefore causing dryness. So, when you lick your lips and they then become even more chapped and inflamed. Glycerol also works to improve elasticity of skin and fill in any dry or fine lines.

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So these are five ingredients that are effective in soothing dry and chapped lips, but where can you find them? Chapstick can be ineffective after a while and trying different ones can soon become pricey. Well, Luckily, Snow’s lip scrub has all five of these ingredients in one product.

Their Lavender and Mint Sugar Exfoliator has all of these wonder ingredients and more that will help to soothe lips, remove dead skin, and reduce inflammation. The scrub even comes with an applicator designed to help absorb the product into the skin and it can even double as an under-eye roller that reduces inflammation and combats puffiness with its cooling properties.

Take the step to healthy, smooth, beautiful lips by picking up Snow’s lip scrub and checking out their other revolutionary products.

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