Floss and whiten to achieve your healthiest smile!

Collapsible, lightweight, and three pressure modes for your comfort.


The Water Flosser (NEW!)

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NEW! Complete your at-home oral care routine with our all-new SNOW® Water Flosser! Choose from three water pressure settings—pulse (green), normal (red), and soft (yellow)—to keep your teeth and gums ultra clean. Our flosser is made with antibacterial plastic, a collapsible water reservoir, and has reusable tip nozzles to be safe for every smile and great for germ-free storage on your counter or in your travel bag. We recommend replacing your water flosser tip nozzles every six months.  

Water Flosser Bundle

The first water flosser of its kind! Fully collapsible + portable.
SNOW’s cordless water flosser was designed to be fully collapsible, making it the perfect companion for travel. Simply pull the reservoir to expand the flosser until it clicks into place and attach the nozzle tip. When you’re all done, lower the reservoir, so it’s conveniently compact again.

It cleans and whitens your smile.
Unlike traditional dental floss and other oral irrigators out there, our water flosser will get under the gum line to remove plaque and brighten your smile—at the same time! A few drops of our whitening additive (coming soon / sold separately) into your water flosser will give you that extra-whitening boost in minutes at home.


    • Effective, collapsible, travel-friendly, and lightweight
    • Easily rechargeable 
    • Removes plaque and maintains healthy gums
    • Three power modes (Pulse, Normal & Soft). Choose your comfort level!
    • Antibacterial-treated plastic. Designed to prevent bacteria and stay germ-free
    • Made to be used with our whitening additive  (coming soon / sold separately) for an extra-whitening boost  around the teeth and gum line
    • Easy to use, clean, and store

How to use

    • Attach a tip nozzle to your device
    • Expand and fill the collapsible reservoir with cold-warm water
    • Place the nozzle tip in your mouth and lean over the sink to allow the water to flow from your mouth into the sink rather than onto your counter

Troubleshooting - If your flosser is leaking, ensure the nozzle is completely clicked in and expand the reservoir completely.

Warning: Do not allow the charging base or cord to sit in water. For use with 5V only.


Snowboost Water Flosser Teeth Whitening Enhancer



Water Flosser Replacement Tips

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