If you’re looking for a whiter, brighter smile, meet SNOW®. It’s the best-known, at-home whitening system in celebrity circles. But just because celebrities use it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same access to professional level whitening. (And don’t worry, you don’t need a celebrity budget to afford it. Keep reading.)
Here’s 7 reasons why celebrities choose SNOW®:

1. It works! Our 10,000+ 5-star reviews prove it. image
1. It works! Our 10,000+ 5-star reviews prove it.

SNOW® has an A+ rating and the highest rated teeth whitening brand on the BBB in 2022. Celebrities can’t afford to be caught on camera with anything less than a beaming white smile. That’s why they turn to SNOW®. See why 1 million+ people have switched to SNOW® and keep coming back! Nearly one-third of our sales each month come from returning customers. It works! Celebrities trust us for their camera-ready smiles, and so can you.

2. Sensitivity? What’s that? image
2. Sensitivity? What’s that?

If you’ve tried alternative teeth whitening solutions, you know they can cause mild (or even extreme) pain and sensitivity. Knowing this, we formulated our whitening serum alongside a top cosmetic dentist – Dr. Brian Harris – to be gentle on enamel. The result? A 99.3% satisfaction rate from over 1 million+ unique customers who love SNOW®.

3. SNOW® is less expensive than the alternatives… by a lot! image
3. SNOW® is less expensive than the alternatives… by a lot!

You’ll pay between $650 to $1000 for one single whitening treatment at the dentist. And your results may not be any better than using our affordable at-home kit. SNOW® costs less than $2 per whitening treatment and we have a 99% satisfaction rating.

4. Enamel safe, dentist approved whitening image
4. Enamel safe, dentist approved whitening

SNOW® was created by a dentist and is formulated with enamel-safe ingredients. And our proprietary system uses a wand to apply whitening serum just to your teeth, so it goes only where you need it to. Not like those trays filled with bleaching gel that gets all over your gums. Choose SNOW® for enamel-safe, fast results whitening.

5. Easy to use - no complicated steps. image
5. Easy to use - no complicated steps.

Anybody can use SNOW® - it’s so easy! Each kit comes with everything you need for a full year of whitening: 1 mouthpiece, 3 whitening wands, 1 extra-strength whitening wand and a tooth shade progress grader. All you have to do is brush your teeth, apply the serum, whiten, then rinse. It’s even safe to use on caps, veneers, braces, crowns and bridges.

6. You’ll see immediate results. image
6. You’ll see immediate results.

97% see results after just 1 use! 100% see long-lasting results after just 21 days - it’s that fast. You don’t need to clear your schedule or interrupt your day for a treatment either - you only need minutes per day. Yes! That’s all it takes. Another reason that using SNOW® is a no-brainer (and celebrity secret) for whitening your teeth.

7. Risk Free Purchase image
7. Risk Free Purchase

When you use SNOW® your results are guaranteed. And it comes with a 5-year warranty. You can feel safe and comfortable with your order. Even better? You get free shipping.