The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a new exploration in the world of oral care. Series of studies have started to introduce a link between the red light’s properties and the health of teeth and gums. While the research is still fairly new and progressing, dentists and oral health professionals have started to utilize red light therapy in their practice. 

The benefits of red light therapy are said to include reduced tooth sensitivity, improved blood circulation in gums, preventing receding gum lines, improved bone density, and reduced inflammation



Keeping it in layman’s terms, red light has an impact on blood circulation and teeth regeneration. This comes in handy when looking at the dentin layer of teeth regenerating as well as receding gum lines. 

Basically, red light targets the part of the cells responsible for energy production and speed up the process. So, if gums are receding, red light is able to promote more circulation and generation of the tissue. 

Red light also has as hygienic factor to it. It’s been observed that the light eliminates harmful bacteria that compromises oral health. Dentists often notice that if there is too much bacteria present, they will start to recede. Certain bacteria are also known to cause damage to the oral canal, making the red light particularly helpful in these cases. Red light therapy is used to eliminate that bacteria that a toothbrush may not catch and keep the gums plumped and structured. 

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Red light can help with tooth sensitivity as well as hygiene. The tooth is composed of three layers. From inside out, there is the pulp, the dentin, and the enamel. The innermost layer contains the blood vessels and nerves and needs the other layers to keep it protected. The dentin is the layer that experiences sensitivity when the enamel is stripped away. Then, the enamel is the hard, protective layer that guards the inside of the tooth all the way down into the gums. Obviously, it is very important to protect the enamel but there are factors that weaken this defense and cause it to strip away.  

Because the dentin layer is responsible for any sensitivity one may experience, it is important that this layer stays protected and intact so as to not cause any further damage to the center of the tooth. Luckily, the dentin is actually able to restore itself (dentinogenesis). Red light is said to speed up this process. By targeting and improving the metabolism, red light can make the regeneration more effective and lessen the potential for sensitivity. 

Tooth sensitivity is a common affliction among people that greatly impacts one’s day to day life. So, the fact that red light therapy poses a solution is a big source of hope and excitement in the dental world. 

Red light therapy is a newer form of technology that is being explored in the dental care field. Even so, it has made its way into the hands of dental offices around the country as well as at home systems like Snow’s teeth whitening kit. The benefits of red light therapy are truly revolutionary and could change the game of oral health.