SmileDirectClub vs Byte

Written by Josh Beechraft

February 03, 2021

There is so much research to be had when you are searching for invisible aligners that are the right choice for you. ByteⓇ, SmileDirectClub, CandidTM, and InvisalignⓇ are typically the top contenders in the hunt for the best invisible aligners.

Unless you’re planning to use several different brands, you will need to choose just one brand of invisible aligners. We’re hoping to give you some clarity.

Let’s check out two contenders: Byte vs. SmileDirectClub

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First off, there are several similarities. Obviously, they are both clear aligners. That’s a no brainer. Both byte and SmileDirectClub are much less expensive than Invisalign or traditional braces.

Those are just the surface facts. We are going to dig past the surface and discuss the not-so-obvious differences between byte and SmileDirectClub.

Let’s skip straight to the last page of this comparison book.

Byte vs. SmileDirectClub: Who is the winner?

Byte WINS.

Before I began this invisible aligner journey, I was already searching for affordable options for myself and my kids. Byte was on my list of favorites. After doing this research, it became apparent that their aligners have major selling points.

One-to-One Customer Service: Byte clients do not simply place a call to a customer service center. Nope. If you are a Byte patient, you have access to a team of professionals seven days a week.

They offer teledentistry at its finest. It’s basically one-to-one consults without the need to change out of your pajamas.

Straight Teeth Faster: Yesss. Byte straightens your teeth with the fastest time in the invisible aligner industry. This fact alone is a huge factor in people selecting their aligners.

HyperByteⓇ is their ingenious, exclusive device that vibrates your teeth into submission. In reality, the device sends vibrations into your mouth that encourage the teeth to shift, bringing their average program time to be completed within three months.

The HyperByte device is included for FREE with their clear aligner kit. Nobody else does that.

Byte for Life guaranteeTM: Byte s that you will have your new smile for the rest of your life. If your teeth move out of their alignment, then Byte will supply you with additional impression kits and new aligners to redirect your teeth back to their desired position.

For the rest of your life!! Yes. Byte will do this until you die.

This covers only the teeth that were originally affected by your Byte treatment plan. If external circumstances change your bite, teeth fall out, or injury occurs, this is not covered. If permanent retainers are put in, this will void your guarantee.

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But first …

Are you actually eligible for invisible aligners? You must have teeth that qualify for correction by the aligners before trying them. If invisible aligners won’t work for your smile, then clearly they aren’t an option.

Who is most effective? Byte or SmileDirectClub

They both stack up fairly well when it comes to their final results. In our opinion, Byte has an edge over SmileDirectClub.

Byte SmileDirectClub
Very young, not as experienced HyperByte treatment to 2-4 months Much more experienced and known
Typical treatment lasts 6 months
Aligners are trimmed straight for power Aligners trimmed in scallop shape
Cannot determine who manufactures  Manufacture aligners in-house


The who behind the what

Who do Byte and SmileDirectClub use to create their invisible aligners?

It is unclear who makes the Byte aligners. They consistently tell readers and potential clients that their “invisible aligners are made of a BPA-free highly transparent, medical grade, polymer film.”

It is easier to determine who makes SmileDirectClub aligners. They initially worked with Align Tech (creators of Invisalign). That is no longer the case. SDC now manufactures their aligners themselves. Their “aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable, BPA-free plastic that won't irritate your cheeks and gums like traditional metal braces often do.”

While Byte chooses to use the straight across cut for more power, SmileDirectClub uses a scalloped cut that incorporates Comfort SenseTM tech. Comfort Sense uses plastic that graduates from soft to medium to firm throughout the treatment plan.

Who is the most innovative?

This is an easy one to answer.

SmileDirectClub hasn’t changed. They continue to be a solid, reliable company who sticks to their standards and continues to thrive.

Byte might be the baby company, but they are definitely proving themselves. They have made it their mission to rise to the top of the invisible aligner field by developing new technology for improving the efficacy of their program.

Their HyperByte vibration tech is like no other treatment program. It decreases the duration of treatment compared to every other invisible aligner program.

That’s not all. Byte also has Smile Science. It takes your facial bone structure into consideration when creating the plan to correct your smile. Smile Science ensures that your smile compliments your facial structure.

Which aligner is a cut above?

What many people do not realize is that cut matters. It makes a difference if the invisible aligners are cut to cover the gums. When the aligners do cover the gums, it allows them to exert more power over the teeth to encourage movement.

Both Byte and SmileDirectClub make their aligners with different cuts. Byte cuts straight across for power and SmileDirectClub is cut in the shape of the line of the teeth and gums.

Both aligners exert pressure on the teeth and gums. Cut, in this case, is more a matter of preference.

Which company is more affordable?

Money, money, money, money … Moneyyyy!

Most people consider their budget when shopping for an at-home invisible aligner treatment. Which company is the least expensive?

Well, on the affordability front, both Byte and SmileDirectClub are pretty much the same. Their price points and payment plans are nearly identical. The main difference in price involves added fees.

Byte SmileDirectClub
Retainers included in price $99 for retainers
$95 impression kit $59 impression kit**
Down payment required Down payment required
$1895 total price*  $1950 total price


*Byte also has Byte At-NightⓇ nighttime plan that is $2245.
**SmileDirectClub has the option for free in-store impression kits.

Who is pricier? Well, it depends on how you go about the process. The bottom line is that they are similar in price.

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How do you pay for Byte and SmileDirectClub?

You will need to decide how you will pay for your treatment plan after considering the cost. Both companies offer their own (comparable) payment plan options.

Fortunately for all Byte and SmileDirectClub clients, they each extend a 100% approval for their financing.

Byte offers a twenty-nine-month payment plan. It is $83 per month with a required $349 down payment. Should you choose Byte, you also have the Byte At-Night option. It is $99 per month with a down payment of $449.

(Byte also extends an offer to purchase their 5-year Smile Protection Plan that includes retainer replacements every six months, as well as two replacements at no cost for stolen or lost retainers.)

Basically, if you have bad credit and bad teeth, then both Byte and SmileDirectClub are options for you. Keep in mind you will pay more when you choose to make monthly payments because of the interest.

What about FREE stuff?

I must admit, I get a little giddy about free stuff … unless it comes with strings attached. Byte and SmileDirectClub have no strings attached when it comes to their extra goodies.

They both have free whitening treatments included with their aligner kits … because who wants a beautifully straight, yellow smile? Noooobody. That’s who.

Byte also puts their HyperByte device in every one of their aligner kits at no additional charge. Now, that’s a bonus! HyperByte makes a two-four month treatment plan a reality. (If sold alone, you could expect to pay as much as $699.)

What about the convenience factor?

For the most part, Byte and SmileDirectClub offer a lot of the same conveniences. However, SmileDirectClub pulls out a win in this category.

Byte SmileDirectClub
10-hour nighttime aligners 10-hour nighttime aligners
Whitening while straightening Whitening while straightening
No storefront for impressions  300+ SmileShops for teeth scans


SmileDirectClub goes above and beyond to make sure their clients have a great at-home aligner experience.

How do you get started with Byte and SmileDirectClub?

First, take a quiz to see if you qualify for aligners. If you do, then you’ll order a kit for impressions. Once your impressions are complete, you mail those in with current images of your teeth.

If you choose Byte, your only option is to make impressions yourself. SmileDirectClub gives you the option of going to one of their brick and mortar stores. At a Smile Shop, they will take a free scan of your teeth.

Nighttime aligner option?

Both Byte and SmileDirectClub have nighttime aligners available. Standard aligners are worn during the day and night for a whopping total of twenty-two hours. They are only taken out for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth.

Nighttime aligners must be worn for 10 hours every night. So, you can already see the appeal of nighttime aligners! It is worth noting that wearing aligners solely at night extends the duration of your treatment program.

Do the Byte and SmileDirectClub aligner kits offer teeth whitening?

Yep. They each have a means to whiten their clients’ teeth that comes free in their aligner kit. Byte and SmileDirectClub give customers the ability to whiten their teeth while simultaneously straightening their teeth.

Which aligner looks better? Byte or SmileDirectClub?

Each of the two companies provide invisible aligners that are customized to the curves of your teeth and gums. To say which is better is truly a matter of personal preference.

Byte SmileDirectClub
Stain Resistant Stain Resistant
Shiny, smooth translucent plastic Textured, frosted plastic
Straight cut  Scalloped cut


Byte chooses to use the straight cut to exert more force on the teeth by leveraging power over the gums as well. Their aligners are shinier and more noticeable.

SmileDirectClub cuts their aligners to follow the outline of the teeth and gums. They utilize Comfort SenseTM technology with graduated plastic that changes the plastic from soft to medium to firm throughout the treatment plan.

Like, I said, it is absolutely up to the person wearing the aligners whether they want them to mimic the matte surface of natural teeth, or if you want them to gleam.

SmileDirectClub’s aligners will be less noticeable than Byte’s aligners.

Customer Care: Byte vs. SmileDirectClub

Much like the appearance comparison, the customer care winner is absolutely a matter of opinion. And in this case, a ton of opinions.

When people are dissatisfied or happy with the customer service they have received, they make comments. Lots and lots of comments.

In this particular instance, Byte customers made positive comments over and over. Their clients believe them to be helpful, available, and responsive. Their Byte for Life guarantee is also a plus.

Byte SmileDirectClub
Many positive reviews Several negative reviews, improving
Each client has an advisor Plan modifications available
Standard communication Full refund within 30 days
Social Media responses Many avenues for communication
Byte for Life guarantee  


Byte and SmileDirectClub offer support through online chat, email, and phone during standard business hours. In addition, Byte maintains a presence on social media and consistently responds to inquiries.

The Guarantee Difference

Byte takes a standard guarantee and elevates it. Their Byte for Life guarantee is just that. It guarantees your smile for the rest of your life. If you bite moves out of line ten years from now, give them a jingle and your new aligners will be in the works.

SmileDirectClub has a thirty-day full refund time frame from day one of treatment. This covers you if you change your mind in the first month. If you’re months into the treatment and your smile isn’t headed in the right direction, they will do their best to redirect your plan and correct it.

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THE BIG QUESTION: Which clear aligner is right for you?

Byte is right for you if you want to straighten your teeth as quickly as possible, love great customer service, and aren’t afraid of a newbie in their field.

SmileDirectClub may be your choice if you would prefer a more established company, a more delayed treatment is fine, and customer service isn’t that important to you.

Who wins?

Winner winner, chicken dinner … it’s Byte! A straighter smile in the shortest amount of time and a fantastic support team? You bet. Byte is the answer.