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Round Teeth vs Square Teeth

Written by Dr. Brian Harris

April 15, 2021

Medically Reviewed

By Dr. Brian Harris

Do you know people who can find symbolism in just about anything? Some of these people just read, read, and read … and watch a lot of weird YouTube videos.

Dreams are a biggie. Oh, my word … There are so many theories floating out there about dream symbolism. For example, the naked dream.

Apparently, the naked in a public dream is supposed to be a symbol of fearing that you may be exposed or that your imperfections will be seen.

So. My dream that I showed up to school and sat on the gym floor throughout my elementary school assembly with absolutely nothing on means that I was afraid of people seeing my flaws?

Nawh. I don’t believe that symbolism for a second.

a small house in the middle of a crop field


The infamous Sigmund Freud is well known for his theories on the symbolism of objects in dreams. He believed that the shape of a house was representative of a person as a whole.

Nope. Not buying that one, either.

Then there is the symbolism associated with shapes.

  • Triangles mean aspiration, trinity, and upward movement.
  • Rectangles mean grounded, secured, and rational.
  • Circles symbolize perfection, unity, and eternity.
  • Spirals mean orbits, evolution, and growth.
  • Squares are associated with reliability, order, and stability.
  • Ovals signify fertility, immortality, and rebirth.

Speaking of shapes. Did you realize that opinions and symbolism are revolving around the shape of your teeth? Yesss. It’s a real thing.

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The Great Debate: Round Teeth Vs. Square Teeth

Why is this even a thing? What could there possibly be to say about the differences between round teeth and square teeth?

Well, there are some serious opinions about teeth. Different teeth shape supposedly speak to us in subconscious ways when people talk and smile.

Rounded teeth with a more oval shape supposedly communicate youthfulness. On the other hand, square teeth communicate maturity and aggressiveness.

Wow. Okay. So, who wants to look like they're old and ready for a fight at any minute? Yep. It’s as if square teeth are supposed to give you a negative life sentence.

Seriously? Do our teeth define us? That is just a matter of opinion. So, let’s talk about all the opinions floating around out there.

What Does it Mean When You Have Round Teeth?

Obviously, it means that your teeth are not square. More importantly, it is supposed to be an indicator of your lifestyle and personality. For example, you could clearly not be a vampire because your teeth have no points.

Rounded teeth tend to make people think there is a gentleness about you. Or those rounded teeth convey a feeling of femininity. If the canines or lateral incisors are rounded, it is more likely that these characteristics are assumed in a person.

Having rounded teeth also conveys youthfulness. The reason for this is actually pretty simple. It’s because rounded corners on teeth are associated with the teeth of young people.

The incisors of young people tend to have rounded corners. This is because older teeth have experienced more wear and tear that causes the teeth to be shortened and square at the corners. It automatically indicates that a person is older.

What does it mean when you have square teeth?

Teeth with a square shape are said to indicate that people have a high degree of self-control, both physically and emotionally. The ability to be very objective is also a typical characteristic.

Square-shaped-teeth people are also known for being ambitious and diplomatic and having a driven spirit of entrepreneurship.

And like we mentioned earlier, having a smile with square teeth supposedly tells people that you are old and aggressive.

Which Teeth Look Best With Your Face Shape?

Yep. We all have different face shapes. There are opinions that have determined which teeth’ shape looks best with each face shape: heart, oval, round, and square.

Heart and square faces tend to look better with teeth that are rounded.

Oval and Round faces are better suited for square teeth.

Please keep in mind that this is just an opinion floating around on the internet. You were born with teeth in certain shapes, square, rounded, pointy, short, or long.

What if You Are Not a Fan of Your Current Teeth Shape?

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Well, the wonderful thing about hating your own smile is that you can change that baby any time you want with cosmetic bonding or veneers.

Cosmetic Bonding will do the trick if you just want to update your shape a little bit. A dentist can use resin-like modeling clay and add it right to your existing teeth.

The bonding can be used to make your teeth more square or pointy. That being said, cosmetic bonding is not the best option if your teeth have a great deal of wear and tear.

Veneers are very thin shells that fit right over your existing teeth. If you are looking for a completely new smile, veneers are the way to go. By using veneers, you can design the completely customized smile of your dreams.

Do you want a smile with rounded teeth? No problem. Do you want a smile with square teeth? No problem. Cosmetic bonding or veneers can do the trick.

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Bottom Line?

There are no right or wrong teeth. It is truly a matter of opinion which teeth work best in which mouth. Round teeth are not inherently better than square teeth. Conversely, square teeth are; not inherently better than round teeth.

Your dentist can advise you as to which shape of teeth might look better with your face’s shape. Remember that it is only the opinion of another human being. You can choose for yourself whatever you like best.

There is no right or wrong answer to the great debate of round teeth vs. square teeth. There are only opinions.

An ancient proverb says, “beauty cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another.” Beauty truly does reside in the eye of the beholder.

Round or square, the choice is entirely up to you.