What Data Says About White Smiles and Dating

A perfect smile is held in high esteem these days, with greater importance placed on it than ever before. A whiter smile could have a significant impact on your love life, something we have witnessed first hand!

Our SNOW Teeth Whitening kits have sold to thousands of customers all over the world, and many of them have told us how this one simple change has done more than a diet, a new wardrobe, or a self-help guru ever could.

But don’t just take our word for it, because this article will show having a white smile really can change your love life for the better.

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Impress with a First Date 

According to a study conducted by People Magazine, good teeth and a good smile is the number 1 desired trait in a companion. This research does more than show the shallow side of dating because there’s much more to a good smile than aesthetics.

Yellow teeth are connected to ill-health, smoking, drinking, and poor oral hygiene. White teeth, on the other hand, are assumed to be healthy. This may not necessarily be the case, but those snap decisions are made when we form our first impressions and those first impressions don’t allow time for analytical thought.

Also, it goes without saying that someone with teeth and a better smile is more kissable than someone without. Don't you wanna be kissable?


Get a Date on Tinder (and Other Dating Sites)

The initial judgment can occur long before you meet your prospective partner for the first time. According to a study done by Match.com, 37% of singles will judge a date’s smile in their profile picture before anything else. 

According to the US Census, there are 110 million single people in the United States, 53% of which have created a dating profile at some point and 40% of which have dated someone they met online. This means there are approximately 21 million singletons on dating sites who value someone’s smile over anything else!

You can’t mention dating sites and snap decisions without talking about Tinder. One of the world's most popular dating apps, Tinder shows users pictures of local singles and invites them to swipe-left if they like them and swipe-right if they do not. Decisions are made in split seconds, and according to one former employee it’s the users who bear their pearly whites who get the most swipe-rights.

Avoid the duck faces, pouts, and “smoldering looks” and go straight to smiling. If you have it, flaunt it, because in the competitive world of modern dating, every advantage should be exploited.


Women vs. Men 

Every singleton has a list of things they are looking for and things they are looking to avoid for a date. It’s not necessarily an ideal “type”, because if we’re honest with ourselves we’re all prepared to deviate from what we believe our perfect man/woman to be. Rather, it is a broad list of “essentials” and “deal breakers”, and according to one study, both men and women placed “good teeth” at the top of their list, believing that it was a sign of good health, as well as the obvious aesthetic advantages.

This was seemingly more important for women, as 71% of the ones surveyed stressed the importance of good teeth, compared to just 58% of men. But in both cases it is significantly more valued than cars, accents, hair and nails.


How to Get White Teeth

Now that you know the importance of white teeth and how it can improve your chances of getting a date and having success on that date, that leaves just one question: how do you get white teeth?

For that, you need to remember two basic rules:

1. Not all Stains Can be Removed by Brushing:

The stains on your enamel, caused by the food you eat, can be removed by brushing and good oral hygiene. The stains underneath, caused by age and other factors, can not. They require the use of specific bleaching agents.

2. You Dont Need to Spend a Lot:

You could drop $1,500 to $2,000 on a teeth whitening service offered by your local dentist, or you could opt for an equally effective, considerably cheaper at-home kit such as the SNOW Teeth Whitening kit.

    Once you have the teeth, then it’s time to put on your best smile and snap some pictures. Take our quiz to find out what's staining your teeth!

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