Fact vs Fiction: Experts Break Down The Facts About Teeth Whitening

Written by Josh Snow

November 30, 2020

Would you dare wear red in the presence of a bull? No stinking way! That would make you a perfect target for the horns of a raging bull.

Or would it?

Everybody knows that bulls charge at the color red. That's why the matadors wave those red capes. It brings the bulls running right at them.

Show of hands who believe that bulls charge because they see red?

 The Truth About Teeth Whitening

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Put those hands down. Bulls can't even see the color red.

Let's see ... What else do we believe?

Napolean Bonaparte was very short. Nope. He was average height.

Do not touch a poor baby bird because its mama will reject it. Again, nope. There is zero proof that birds can even smell.

Too much sugar makes kids act rambunctious. Wrong again. There is no actual evidence to back this up. (Adults everywhere are lying! What?!)

The list of myths we believe as facts AND perpetuate as such goes on and on. I for one am guilty of believing a whole slew of them.

Speaking of myths, there are plenty of myths floating around about teeth whitening. Let's set the record straight.

While some methods of teeth whitening can be dangerous, Snow Teeth Whitening is one of the safest methods available. Read on to debunk the most common teeth whitening myths. best teeth whitening


1. Teeth Whitening Causes Sensitivity

Fiction: Teeth Whitening uses harsh chemicals that wear down tooth enamel and cause sensitivity.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening's proprietary serum uses good-for-you ingredients that do not wear down tooth enamel and do not cause sensitivity.

no sensitivity


2. You Can't Use Teeth Whitening Systems While Pregnant

Fiction: Teeth Whitening uses harsh chemicals that can harm your unborn baby.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening uses safe ingredients to keep both baby and mama safe and healthy.

pregnancy safe teeth whitening


3. Teeth Whitening Is Very Time Consuming

Fiction: Teeth Whitening takes waaayy too long to complete.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening only takes 10 minutes! Whoop-whoop!

fast teeth whitening


4. Teeth Whitening Causes Cancer

Fiction: Teeth Whitening uses harsh lights and chemicals that can cause cancer.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening uses a safe LED light (not UV) to activate its teeth whitening serum which contains only safe ingredients. 

safe teeth whitening


5. Teeth Whitening Isn't Effective on Dental Work

Fiction: Dental work does not take to the whitening serum like our natural teeth.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening is absolutely effective at whitening teeth with braces, caps, crowns, or veneers.

teeth whitening for braces


6. Teeth Whitening Is Incredibly Expensive

Fiction: Whitening procedures at the dentist can reach thousands of dollars and that is the only means to effectively whiten teeth.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening is less than 1/10th of the cost of in-office dental whitening procedures and provides amazing results in the comfort of your own home!

affordable teeth whitening


7. Teeth Whitening Destroys Enamel

Fiction: All teeth whitening procedures use harsh chemicals that break down the enamel.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening uses completely safe ingredients that do not harm tooth enamel.

teeth whitening destroys enamel


8. It Only Works on Surface Stains

Fiction: Teeth whitening never penetrates the old, deeply set-in stains. It only works on new, fresh stains.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening lifts and whitens even the deepest of stains without causing sensitivity or destroying enamel.

best teeth whitening


9. Teeth Whitening Results Lack Longevity

Fiction: Teeth whitening results typically only last a day or two.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening suggests its clients whiten for 21 days straight and once a week after that to maintain a white smile and fight any new stains. No one wants to give up coffee or wine!

teeth whitening that lasts


Now you know how to separate truth from fiction. Don't be afraid to whiten your teeth. You can checkout our teeth whitening kit for the best results!