Fact vs Fiction: Experts Break Down The Facts About Teeth Whitening

While some methods of teeth whitening can be dangerous, Snow Teeth Whitening is one of the safest methods available. Read below to bust teeth whitening myths. 

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1. Teeth Whitening Causes Sensitivity

Fiction: Teeth Whitening uses harsh chemicals that wear down tooth enamel and cause sensitivity.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening's proprietary serum uses good for you ingredients that do not wear down tooth enamel and do not cause sensitivity.

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2. You Can't Use Teeth Whitening Systems While Pregnant

Fiction: Teeth Whitening uses harsh chemicals that can harm the baby.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening uses safe ingredients to keep both baby and mama safe and healthy.

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3. Teeth Whitening Takes Up A Lot of Time

Fiction: Teeth Whitening always takes a super long time.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening only takes 10 minutes!

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4. Teeth Whitening Causes Cancer

Fiction: Teeth Whitening uses harsh lights and chemicals that can cause cancer.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening uses a safe LED light (not UV) to activate its teeth whitening serum that contains only safe ingredients. 

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5. Teeth Whitening Isn't Effective on Dental Work

Fiction: Dental work does not take in the whitening serum like natural teeth.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening is effective at whitening with braces, caps, crowns, and veneers

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6. Teeth Whitening is Super Expensive

Fiction: Whitening procedures at the dentist can reach thousands of dollars and that is the only way to get white teeth.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening is less than 1/10th of the cost of dental whitening procedures and provides amazing results. 

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7. Teeth Whitening Destroys Enamel

Fiction: Teeth whitening uses harsh chemicals that break down the enamel.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening uses safe ingredients that do not harm tooth enamel.

teeth whitening destroys enamel


8. It Only Works on Surface Stains

Fiction: Teeth whitening never reaches the old, deep stains. It only works on new, fresh stains.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening whitens even the deepest of stains without causing sensitivity or destroying enamel.

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9. Teeth Whitening Results Don't Last

Fiction: Teeth whitening results only last a day or two.

Fact: Snow Teeth Whitening suggests whitening for 21 days straight and once a week after that to maintain your white smile and fight any new stains. No one wants to give up coffee or wine!

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