5 Life Changing Ways to Improve Your Appearance without Plastic Surgery

We all know beauty is only skin deep. In an ideal world, there would be no assumptions, no vanity, and no judgments. But, unfortunately, this is not reality. When you first meet someone, even if those judgments are made, even if only on a subconscious level. 

If you want the world to see the beauty that exists on your inside, you need to glam-up on the outside first! We all have the ability to look great, sometimes we just need a few tweaks here and there! 

How to improve your appearance

5. Whiten Your Teeth

Your teeth are the gateway to your smile, and your smile is the gateway to your soul! We’re not talking in a metaphysical sense either, because your smile is the best weapon you have when it comes to making a good first impression.

If you have yellowed teeth that display signs of ill-treatment, heavy smoking, excessive drinking and poor nutrition, that first impression will be poor. If they are white and sparkling, it will be good! Simple enough, right? 

Now for the technical stuff. There are two types of teeth discoloration: one that occurs on the enamel (the outer tooth), and one that occurs on the dentin (the inner tooth). The reason that your teeth never turn pure white no matter how much or how hard you brush is not because that off-white is your “natural color”, but because the stains are underneath the surface and have been caused by everything from age to trauma and medication.

The only way to fix this inner discoloration is with a bleaching agent, and for that, you have two options: you can either give your dentist over $1,500 for a professional treatment (no thanks!), or you can buy a fully effective at-home kit like SNOW for less than $200! Obviously, that's the winner here. 


4. Change Your Hair

Most women like to experiment with their hair and have gone through many changes in their lives, but the same can’t be said for men (and, of course, a small percentage of women), who tend to stick with the same style year after year.

A new hairstyle can drastically alter your appearance! You could be a different person overnight! The problem is, we get so used to seeing ourselves in a certain way that any major change is immediately viewed as negative. But once you let the new look settle in, that becomes the version of yourself you are familiar with.

Speak to your hairdresser about adopting a new hairstyle. Don’t pick one that you liked the look of when it was worn by your favorite celebrity, and don’t assume that the only way to change for the better is to do something drastic. Your hairdresser should be able to look at your hair and the shape of your face and determine the best style and even the best color for you!


3. Get Fit 

    I know, you're probably tired of hearing this one, but it's true! It’s not just your body that changes when you lose weight or get fit, your entire face changes as well. If you’re overweight, you are carrying excess fat and causing bulges underneath your clothing, underneath your chin and everywhere else. By dropping these pounds you can streamline your entire body from head-to-toe and drastically improve your appearance.

    If you are already slim, then the last thing you need is to go on a diet as it’s possible to go overboard, turning an otherwise healthy and attractive facade into a gaunt and sickly looking one. Please don't do that! 

    Instead, try to get fit, because not only will your muscles be more toned, but the health benefits will be visible throughout. Your skin will look healthier, your posture will be straighter and you may also experience a confidence boost, something that makes you instantly more attractive. 


    2. Change Your Wardrobe 

      All the makeover TV shows have it right––a wardrobe clear-out can go a long way toward improving your appearance and boosting your confidence! Dress for your body shape, your age, and your personality. Try on a few styles until you find something that speaks to you. 

      The trick is to find something that you are comfortable wearing, something that feels like you, but also something that is also a little out of your comfort zone and suits you outwardly as well as inwardly. 

      Don’t let any person or trend dictate what you should wear. If you’ve always worn dresses but look better and feel better dressed to the nines in leather, spikes, and steel, then throw those dresses away and go punk!


      1. Get a Chemical Peel

        When properly administered, chemical peels can transform your face. It’s not something you should be doing regularly, but, as an occasional treat, it can take years off and give you a look as transformative as a facelift without the surgery and the scars.

        These treatments contain chemicals that destroy the outer layer of skin and the oil and dried skin that has built-up over time. They leave you with a face that looks fuller, feels softer, and shows fewer fine lines and wrinkles! 


        Don't forget the simplest one! Try Snow today! 


        How to appear more beautiful

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