The 20 Best Celebrity Smiles

The 20 Best Celebrity Smiles

Check out some of our favorite Hollywood smiles!
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  • 1. Sofia Vergara
  • Look at those gorgeous teeth!

    Sofia Vergara white teeth smile

  • 2. Cameron Diaz
  • Men want her, you want her teeth!

    Cameron Diaz White teeth smile

  • 3. Shakira
  • Hips don't lie and teeth should be white. Facts!

    shakira white teeth smile

  • 4. Brad Pitt
  • Handsome with a smile!

    Brad Pitt white teeth smile

  • 5. Mario Lopez
  • He's funny, but have you seen his teeth?

    Mario Lopez white teeth smile

  • 6. Miranda Kerr
  •  Your smile is your best accessory!

    Miranda Kerr white teeth smile

  • 7. Vanessa Hudgens
  •  Disney star gone beautiful!

    Vanessa Hudgens white teeth smile

  • 8. Jennifer Lopez
  • Jenny from the block takes her smile to the next level!

    Jennifer Lopez white teeth smile

  • 9. Ricky Martin
  • Living La Vida white teeth!

    ricky martin white teeth smile

  • 10. America Ferrera
  • Don't you wish this set of teeth could be shared like the traveling pants?

    America Ferrera white teeth smile

  • 11. Taylor Lautner
  • These teeth definitely aren't showing signs of being a werewolf.

    Taylor Lautner white teeth smile

  • 12. Christina Milian
  • Is it just me or do her teeth match her earrings? SHINY!

    Christina milian white teeth smile

  • 13. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Can I get the workout plan for his teeth?

    Dwayne the rock johnson white teeth smile

  • 14. Christie Brinkley
  • Teeth like those would have me smiling everyday!

    christie brinkley white teeth smile

  • 15. Kate Hudson
  • A beauty on and off the screen!

    Kate Hudson white teeth smile

  • 16. Selena Gomez
  • Justin Bieber is old news, these teeth are trending!

    Selena Gomez white teeth smile

  • 17. Bradley Cooper
  • Woah. 

    Bradley Cooper white teeth smile

  • 18. Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Hello, handsome.

    Jake Gyllenhaal white teeth smile

  • 19. Blake Lively
  • Too bad, these teeth are already taken.

    Blake Lively white teeth smile

  • 20. Simon Cowell

  • He's definitely intimidating, but he does smile!

  • Simon Cowell white teeth smile

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