Designed using biodegradable materials and anti-bacterial bristles

Kid's Plant-Based Manual Toothbrush (2-pack)

Purple + Yellow (2-pack)
Blue + Yellow (2-pack)
Purple + Green (2-pack)
Blue + Green (2-pack)

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The Best Toothbrush for a Toothy Smile

Hip hip hooray, no icky tooth decay! Frost's Manual Toothbrush was made with antibacterial bristles so your kid's little teeth and gums are in good paws. Plus, with our plant-based materials your little ones are helping to save the Earth one brush at a time. 

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Included in this pack: Kid's Plant-Based Manual Toothbrush + Chocolate Milk Flossers 3-PACK + Kid’s Battery Powered Toothbrush + Frost Kids Starter Bundle