Treat your kiddos to sweets that won't destroy their teeth this Holiday!

They'll rush to brush with our delicious lineup of natural oral care products that taste like dessert 🍫


FROST® Kids' Clean Oral Care Gift Bundle


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This (1) kid FROST® starter bundle includes:

(1) Kids' Battery Powered Toothbrush
Let's do the toothbrush wiggle, because your kiddo's plaque and cavities are not invited to this party. Our bear-y fun brush offers a powerful cleaning experience and requires just one (included) AAA battery. With a replaceable brush head, easily switch out the bristles so little smiles stay healthy, clean, and strong.

(1) Biodegradable Kids' Manual Toothbrushes - 2-pack
Hip hip hooray, no icky tooth decay! Frost's Manual Toothbrush was made with antibacterial bristles so your kid's little teeth and gums are in good paws. Plus, with our plant-based materials, your little ones are helping to save the Earth one brush at a time.

(1) FROST® Bubble Gum Kids' Mouthwash
A no-sting mouth rinse that cleans, freshens, and tastes like a treat. Swish, swish, it's oh-so delish! Keep cavities and plaque at bay with our gentle fluoride formula combined with hydroxyapatite and our special herbal blend. Our best bubblegum mouth rinse will have your kids in for a treat.

(1) FROST® Birthday Cake Kids' Toothpaste
Wish your kiddos begged to brush twice a day? Say no more, we've got you covered! Our gentle new fluoride-free Birthday Cake toothpaste delivers the best all-around brushing experience with an irresistible taste, all-natural ingredients, and the most effective natural formula for lil' teethies.

(1) FROST® Kids' Chocolate Milk Flossers
We have a floss-ophy about flossing: start 'em young. Our fluoride-free, vegan strands are soft, gentle, and taste like a sweet chocolate treat so they'll want to get in between those tight spots. Bonus if you join them at the sink and do a lil' floss-dance.

Frost® is the new children's smile care brand by SNOW®

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Included in this pack: FROST® Kids' Clean Oral Care Gift Bundle + Birthday Cake Toothpaste + Chocolate Milk Flossers