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Friends & Family Device Bundle

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Introducing our Friends & Family Device Bundle with a $330 SAVINGS – a comprehensive dental care package that will transform your oral hygiene routine. Here’s what’s included:

  1. 2 x LED Teeth Whitening Electric Toothbrush: Elevate your brushing with our 2022 NEW BEAUTY® Award-winning LED Toothbrush, designed with a blue LED light for effective whitening support and sonic technology.

  2. 2 x Whitening Water Flossers: Upgrade your dental care with the first water flosser made with antibacterial plastic, a collapsible water reservoir, and reusable tip nozzles for a healthy smile and stain-free teeth.

  3. 1 Pack SnowActive Sensitive Snow Strips: Whiten teeth gently without sensitivity using SnowActive Strips, the world's first dissolvable whitening strips, ensuring a dazzling smile without discomfort.

  4. 1 Pack Teeth Whitening Strips: Reveal a radiant smile in under 15 minutes you'll love to flaunt with these patented, easy-to-use strips to achieve professional-level whitening at home.

The perfect arsenal for superior dental care and teeth whitening, get 49% off now and experience the transformation firsthand!

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Included in this pack: Daily Hydroxyapatite Whitening Toothpaste + Water Flosser Teeth Whitening Drops + Travel Bag