Stay-At-Home Mom Spends Her ‘Quarantine’ Whitening Her Teeth With This Wendy Williams Endorsed Kit
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Stay-At-Home Mom Spends Her ‘Quarantine’ Whitening Her Teeth With This Wendy Williams Endorsed Kit Header Girl Smile Enjoy 25% off storewide! SHOP NOW
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Now that we are all “social distancing” and stuck in our homes — why not whiten your teeth in a safe and effective way?

My Name is Lisa L. and due to the virus that’s going around, my family and I’ve been stuck in the house for some time now. Lucky for me though I saw Wendy Williams talking about a quick and easy way to whiten teeth from home.

I was shocked to hear Wendy Williams say it only took her 9 minutes a day to have her whitest teeth ever! It looked so futuristic yet simple to use and I couldn’t believe that I haven’t heard of this new technology ever before.

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I’m a stay at-home-mom with two beautiful kids, Darren & Roxanne. So even though we’re all in quarantine and stuck in the house — I’ve been busier with the kids than I’ve ever been before. Luckily, I found this teeth-whitening kit that I knew I had to try (and it’s 25% off today) — You literally only have to use it for 9 minutes a day. 500,000 happy customers agree that it really works!

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Join 500,000+ happy customers.
So what made me want to get whiter teeth?
Yellow Teeth

When I finally occupied the kids with a movie, I started getting bored… So I looked at an old picture of myself and saw how perfectly white my teeth were while smiling ear-to-ear.

Then I went and looked in the mirror and saw how yellow my teeth have become, it devasted me — I honestly felt old and self-conscious. I guess I just got used to how bad they really looked.

Yellow Teeth
Snow Has a 100% Money back Guarantee!
Did you know that Snow users reported that:
Did you know:
  • 61% were more confident.
  • 59% of people were viewed to be more outgoing.
  • 96% of adults believe a whiter smile makes a person more attractive to the opposite gender.
  • 74% of adults felt that an unattractive smile can impair a person’s chances for success in their careers.
How it works
Statistics Statistics
Step 1 Brush my teeth.
Step 2 Apply the whitening serum.
Step 3 Brighten my teeth with Snow’s LED activating technology.
Step 4 Rinse.
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SNOW was engineered to be the most advanced formula + technology in the world. They spent over $3 million inventing this new ‘Blue Light LED Technology’ and have the track record to prove that it really works against bacteria and any other harmful diseases forming in your mouth.

The BLUE LED light safely penetrates the enamel surface to weaken tough, yellow stains while killing bacteria at the same time. SNOW does all this (while whitening your teeth) in just 9 minutes daily — whereas brushing, flossing and mouthwash simply cannot.

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Not only did the Snow Teeth-Whitening Kit offer a 30-day money-back guarantee — They gave 100% guarantee that it would work! More importantly, those 500,000 customers I mentioned? They all claim Snow does not make your teeth sensitive!

I thought, what did I have to lose? If it didn’t work, I’d just get my money back.

Spend Your Time In Quarantine Wisely

You’ll find this to be one of the BEST ways to spend your time during quarantine!

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So when I found out I only needed 9 minutes a day to get whiter teeth, I jumped at the opportunity! What better way to practice social distancing and quarantining than to whiten my teeth from home?! It’s so simple to use and really works!

Seriously. I could whiten my teeth while cooking, cleaning, running around…I’ve even done it in my car. I had to laugh… when I thought of the future as a kid, I thought of flying cars, not portable teeth whitening.

My teeth our now perfectly white thanks to using this product for just 9 minutes a day!
See my progress below…
Day 1 Image I SAW A NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE AND CHANGE IN COLOR. To be honest, this was enough to convince me I had the real deal… My teeth went from yellow to a disgustingly brown to a lighter yellow on the first day!
Day 7 Image HOLY COW, MY TEETH ARE EVEN BRIGHTER THAN BEFORE! I did nothing extra, just applied the whitening serum and the LED light! Can they get even brighter?
Day 14 Image I’M SO SHOCKED BY HOW WELL SNOW WORKS ON MY TEETH! And to think I haven’t experienced any side effects, yet. And my teeth aren’t ultra-sensitive or anything!
Day 21 Image IT’S OFFICIAL. MY TEETH ARE NOW OFFICIALLY WHITE! I can’t believe this worked so fast!
Get Brighter & Whiter Teeth In Just 9 Minutes a Day From Home!
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