My Friend Neglected Her Teeth For 10+ Years — Luckily, I Showed Her This Revolutionary Teeth-Whitening System

My Friend Neglected Her Teeth For 10+ Years — Luckily, I Showed Her This Revolutionary Teeth-Whitening System [& She Got Pearly Whites Using This For Just 9 Minutes A Day]

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Just 9 Minutes A Day For Your Whitest Teeth Ever
Just 9 Minutes A Day For Your Whitest Teeth Ever

My best friend Stacy’s teeth were disgustingly yellow and stained for 10+ years. What I did next ended up boosting her self-confidence and made her teeth perfectly white in under 21 days. 

It’s funny how life works… I had poor dental hygiene and stained/discolored teeth myself after years of smoking and drinking coffee. So I started experimenting with a variety of so-called “teeth-whitening” options and here’s what I found. HINT: Mainstream solutions don’t work! 

First I tried teeth whitening strips… what a waste of time! How much time? Well, 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night for weeks - I saw absolutely no difference, my teeth were still stained yellow!

“Forget strips.. Let me just go to a “ ‘trustworthy’ dentist,” I said to myself. Boy was I wrong. $1,279.49 later this turned out to be an absolute nightmare. We don’t have to get into the details but let's just say my teeth and gums were sensitive for months, it makes me cringe every time I think about it. 

Right when I was about to give up, I turned on the Wendy Williams show, lo and behold as fate would have it… She was talking about a new proven teeth-whitening system that you only need to use for 9 minutes a day, to get perfectly white teeth. 

So what was this magical new teeth whitening system?

The SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit! With a 4.9-star review average, The SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit, has whitened the teeth of over 17 million people around the world equipped with the most advanced whitening serum and award-winning LED activating technology —  SNOW is turning people into loyalists in droves. The creators even guarantee that the SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit works 100% of the time, along with a money-back guarantee. 

Wendy Williams isn’t the only celebrity to experience the amazing results of this revolutionary teeth-whitener. SNOW is also endorsed by the likes of Arianny Celeste (TV Personality),  Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters (Miss Universe 2017), Matilda Szydagismany (Top Model) and many other celebrities around the world. 

What I found out about SNOW? Their team truly has a Steve Jobs-like obsession for perfection in the oral care space & is even called “The Apple of Oral Care.”

The SNOW team has spent millions of dollars on research to develop a patent-pending technology that actually works! This is truly a revolutionary invention that works 100% better than anything in the market. 

Don’t just take my word for it…Here’s what others are saying...

Even after seeing all the celebs and others raving about this product, I was still a bit skeptical on how effective this teeth-whitening kit would be. What really solidified the purchase for me? An article I read in Vogue magazine that explained how SNOW was the epitome of “SMART TEETH WHITENING.”

How The SNOW Whitening-Kit Works:

The SNOW Teeth-Whitening Kit has a 4-step process that anyone can use:

FIRST: Brush your teeth.

SECOND: Apply the whitening serum on your teeth.

THIRD: Brighten your teeth with Snow’s LED activating technology.

FOURTH: Rinse.

SNOW Teeth-Whitening isn’t only in the business of teeth-whitening — They’re in the business of self-confidence as well. The creators of the SNOW Brand believe they can change the world, one smile at a time. But if having the number 1 teeth-whitening solution wasn’t enough to become the favorite of millions, SNOW didn’t stop there…

My favorite part? SNOW gives back… Studies show over 18 million children from low-income families go without dental care every year. So with every kit sold, SNOW helps provide free dental care for children in need

Here are the results after 3 short weeks

The results. 

It was remarkable to see the change in shades of my yellow teeth as they became pearly white. If anyone tells you they can instantly get your teeth white (RUN FROM THEM!). The real expectation? A few weeks of just 9 minutes/day and you will see the pearly whites you've always dreamt of. The cool thing? SNOW is so confident that their product will work they give a full 30-day money-back guarantee!

Here are my results:

All-in-One Snow Teeth Whitening Kit