Gronk’s 5 Secrets For Winning The Dating Game
(#4 will surprise you)

Friday, June 5
by Rob Gronkowski

Gronk doesn’t only know how to win NFL Championships, but he’s got a few secrets to win the dating game too.

If you’re a guy looking to win the dating game as well, check them out below:

  • #1. Online Dating.

    I always tell guys, “You’re doing it wrong”

    Here’s two fixes:

    First, make like Mozgov, “Swipe right on everything. Get the ball rolling.”

    Second, make the Dangerfield. Just make them laugh. Try googling “Tinder Pickup Lines”!

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  • #2. Women like a fit guy

    No I’m not talking “NFL player type of fit”

    But adding just a little more upper body size will gain you more respect and attention from the ladies.

    Here’s a simple “Gronk approved” push-up only workout that should pack on size quick.

    • Day 1: Do 10 pushups below your max. This means if your max effort set is 30 pushups, do 20.

      You can do just 1 set (or multiple).

      It’s completely up to you.

    • Day 2: Add a rep to yesterday’s set

      If you did 20 reps on day 1, then do 21 reps on day 2.

      Simple enough, right?

    • Day 3 and beyond: Keep adding a rep each day.

      (20 on day 1...21 on day 2... 22 on day 3...and so on.)

      Within a month you’ll pack on some extra muscle and have a transformation the ladies will notice too.

  • #3. If you “press” you lose

    This one applies to dating even more than it applies to football.

    When a team needs to add points to the scoreboard near the end of a game, they immediately start “pressing” (trying too hard) out of desperation.

    And guess what happens over 90% of the time?

    They end up performing worse as a result of putting too much pressure on themselves.

    The same thing applies to dating. If you “try too hard” with a girl, you’ve already lost the game.

    The key is staying cool and ultra-confident, like you have nothing to lose.

    Do this and you’ll probably win a girl over more times than you think.

  • #4. What’s On Display Matters Most

    Sure, a good body is important.

    But a great face tops everything.

    After all, it’s the one thing you can’t cover up.

    I’m not talking about your eyes or hair either, I’m talking about your smile.

    The truth is, you could be completely shredded with 6 pack abs, have better confidence than everyone around you, and be an all around great guy. The moment you show her that yellow smile though, your killer body is the last thing on her mind.

    Like it or not man, a yellow smile looks to her like you don’t take care of yourself, even if that’s not the case.

    In other words, it’s game over.

    Remember, a great smile is a bigger turn on them great biceps.

    That’s why I take care of my smile with Snow Teeth Whitening.

    You probably should too if you want to change your smile fast.

  • #5. Go for the “first down” not the “touchdown”

    You can’t rush your way into dating a girl.

    Sorry, but most of the time it will never work..

    If you really have the “end-goal” in mind, you won’t go for the “touchdown” every time. Try going for the touchdown every time you meet a girl, and you’ll just be playing a game of “turnovers”

    So take your time and focus on getting to know her slowly instead of pulling out your hail mary play at the start.

    Do this, and it’ll be hard to lose!