What is the Ideal Amount of Toothpaste?

We hate to break it to you, but TV commercials have been lying to you. It’s a shocker, we know—how could they! 

It seems that every single toothpaste commercial depicts a smiling young model layering an inordinate amount of toothpaste onto a toothbrush. They squeeze it out of the pristine tube with great abandon, covering the brush head from top to bottom, and then, miraculously, there is no foam when they start brushing.

Try this for yourself and you’ll notice two things: Firstly, you’ll be too busy choking back menthol fumes and dribbling toothpaste to actually concentrate on brushing your teeth. Secondly, you’ll be foaming like a rabid dog chewing Alka-Seltzers. 

As you may have guessed, this is far too much toothpaste. The commercials only care about how good the paste looks on the brush and don’t account for practicality. They’ll assume you will figure it out yourself and many people will do just that. But there are still millions of Americans who don’t know how much toothpaste they should be using.

Dangers of Excessive Toothpaste

Research suggests that children use far more toothpaste than they need, and this is a huge problem because if that toothpaste contains fluoride and they swallow a lot of it, they run the risk of developing fluoride toxicity, which could cause them problems later in life.

The main issue with excessive toothpaste, however, is that it creates a huge mess on your skin and, in many cases on your tee-shirt/blouse. We all have that one shirt that has a permanent toothpaste stain we have never been able to remove; that one pajama set that has so many toothpaste stains they’ve practically become part of the design.

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Excessive foaming can also cause harm to your lips and your mouth, especially if you’re brushing for several minutes at a time and leaving the foam there all the while. Some toothpaste products contain bleaches and abrasive compounds that can harm your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Last but not least, if you use more toothpaste than you need, you’ll literally be washing money down the drain. If you’re covering the entire head of your brush with toothpaste, mimicking those irresponsible fresh-faced actors, you could be going through a tube of toothpaste three times quicker than needed. 

How Much Toothpaste Do You Need?

A pea-sized dab of toothpaste is all that you need. 

Simply squeeze a single drop of paste onto the center of your brush, run it under the tap to moisten it, and then brush. If you have been brushing with an excessive amount of toothpaste all of your life then it may feel like you’re not using enough, but you are.


Toothpaste is designed to lather and foam, and once you start scrubbing with that pea-sized amount, you’ll have more than enough of it on your brush to do its job.

To eradicate the issue of excessive toothpaste consumption, many eco-friendly brands are now selling toothpaste in the form of tablets. You simply chew these tablets and then start brushing, and because they disperse and lather in your mouth, you only need one small pill to do the trick.

A jar of several hundred tablets can last you for months, greatly reducing your household waste and allowing you to do your bit for the environment, while also saving you a few bucks in the process.

Getting that Commercial Smile

The handsome actors and actresses in those commercials don’t get their gleaming-white teeth by using more toothpaste than they need. And they definitely don’t get them because they’re using a specific brand.

Toothpaste can only do so much. 

Even the strongest whitening toothpaste can only scrub plaque from your enamel, which is the outer surface of your tooth. It can’t do anything for the stains and discoloration that has occurred underneath the enamel, on the dentin.

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Everyone has been guilty of thinking a whitening toothpaste will give them a Hollywood smile and we’ve all brushed excessively over the course of a single day to try and get that smile. If these products worked how most consumers think they work, that’s all it would take to get a brilliant white smile.

But they don’t, and no amount of brushing will give you perfectly white teeth. The only way to clean the dentin underneath is to bleach it with a teeth whitening kit. These kits often cost thousands of dollars from your dentist, but you can buy one for a fraction of that price here at SNOW.

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