Things you Need to do for your Appearance the Second you Get Engaged

Omg! Congrats! You have just gotten engaged and set the date for the big day. Now what?

You have weeks, months, maybe even years until you tie the knot. It’s your day, your time to shine—the day in which you need to look your very best.

As soon as you get engaged it’s time to set the wheels in motion to ensure you look like the goddess (or god) you know you are when the big day comes around!

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1. Give Yourself a Bright Smile 

    Your wedding day is all about you! You’re going to be standing around a lot, greeting people you haven’t seen in months or years, and smiling through all of it.

    The more confident you are about your smile, the more genuine it will seem and the easier it will be. So, whiten your teeth with a professional at-home kit from SNOW, maintain optimum dental hygiene, and make sure your breath smells fresh on the day.


    2. Experiment with your Hair

      The norm for brides-to-be is to get your hair done the morning of the wedding! This is usually a great idea, but if something goes wrong, if it doesn’t suit you as well as you thought it would, or if something better could have been done, it’s too late. 

      You probably have months to wait until the wedding, so use that time to experiment with hairstyles and see what your partner and your friends think of them! Use your social life and your workplace as a testing ground for new styles, new cuts, and even new colors. And once when you find one that works perfectly, should you settle and opt for that style on the big day. Just another thing you can check off your list! 


      3. Get Fit

      This may be an obvious tip, but that's only because it's so true. Many brides starve themselves before their wedding and then plaster make-up on their face on the big day itself to hide blemishes. This is not the answer. (Ever.)

      If you want to lose weight, then lose it naturally! Eat well, exercise a lot, and you’ll be more fit, more toned and more capable of getting through the whole day without energy dips. You’ll also have naturally radiant skin and hair, the signs of a good diet, not to mention a toned body. 


      4. Focus on your Best Asset 

        Ask yourself the following questions:

        • What do you like best about your body?
        • What do you dislike the most?

        When you have the answers, it’s time to get to work. First, find a dress or a suit that perfectly accentuates your best asset, whether it be something that is tight around the bottom or something that dips low in the chest.

        As for your least favorite asset, you need to do all that you can do to change it. Tone it, build it—whatever it takes. And if there is nothing you can do, then the next best thing is to feel more confident about it. Confidence is sexy! When you walk down that aisle with your head held high, it will be your winning smile that stands out the most.


        5. Relax

          Easier said than done, I know. Your wedding day might seem like the biggest day of your life, which means it can also be the most stressful. You constantly have the fear of failure at the back of your mind, a nagging worry that reminds you this is the big day, this is your only chance, and if you get it wrong then you’ve blown it. 

          But it’s your wedding! You pull the strings, and the last thing you want to be doing is getting stressed and anxious over a day you’re spending a lot of money on and a day that you should be enjoying.

          You need to adopt a carefree attitude and you need to do it early on, because if you start letting stress and pressure get the better of you, then you will be a mess on the day itself. That will show in the way you look, from the bags under your eyes to your dry skin and your fake smile.

          So make sure that smile is real, and make sure it's bright! Try Snow and take our quiz to find out what's staining your teeth!

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