Welcome to the SNOW family! Have some questions on how to use your new SNOW Kit? No problem! Here is a step by step on how to use your new SNOW At-Home Whitening Kit! 

What To Expect 

Each kit comes with our activating LED light mouthpiece, a professional 3D Teeth Shade Guide, Our Guide To Whiter Teeth, and when you pull up the ribbon you will find 3 standard strength whitening wands and 1 gold maximum strength serum. The max strength serum has twice the strength as the standard serum.

SNOW Teeth Whitening KIT LED light

Our activating LED light mouthpiece comes with four adaptors - USB, Apple Lightning Cable, Type C Cable, and Micro USB Cable. We recommend using the kit at night before going to bed to achieve the best results. 

Track Your Progress! 

Now, before you get started, hold up the 3D Teeth Shade Guide to match the shade of your teeth before your first treatment. Make sure to take a picture in order to be able to track your progress.

SNOW Teeth Whitening LED

How To Begin 

Please brush your teeth before applying the serum. We also recommend applying a lip balm, like our Rejuvenating Lip Treatment with resveratrol, in order to prevent dryness while whitening your teeth. 

SNOW Teeth Whitening

Now, take a whitening wand out of the box. We recommend starting with the gold max-strength serum in order to achieve the best results the first time you use the system. Take off the cap from the wand and begin twisting - the wand will take a few twists or clicks to come up the first time- which is normal. 

Applying the Serum

Once the serum appears at the tip, apply the serum as if you were painting your teeth. Make sure that all of your teeth - top and bottom - are covered with an even layer of the serum.

SNOW Whitening System Newest Technology

When you are done applying the serum, put the cap back on the wand and store it back into the snow box. 

Take Off The Protective Case! 

Remember to remove the clear protective case from your mouthpiece before putting the Snow Led mouthpiece into your mouth. The next step is to put the LED mouthpiece (*not UV - LED is harmless. UV is not.) into your mouth.

SNOW LED best newest technology protective case

It should feel comfortable. Connect the LED mouthpiece into your phone - or a device that is compatible with one of the four adaptors. Set a timer for 21 minutes. 

Drool? That Is Okay! 

 If you start to drool during your whitening session, that is completely normal. Some people might experience a little more saliva in their mouth. You can simply take a quick break, then start again. It also helps to relax with a tv show and lay your head back to keep the saliva at the back of your throat. 

Rinse and Dry! 

Once the 21 minutes are over, remove the mouthpiece and rinse your mouth with water in order to get rid of extra saliva or serum. Then, rinse your mouthpiece with warm water and dry it with a towel. Store the mouthpiece back into the case and into the Snow box. Make sure to take an after picture with the professional 3D Teeth Shade Guide in order to track your progress. 

We recommend using our whitening kit every day for 21 days, 21 minutes per day to see a big difference in whiter teeth. However, if you cannot do 21 minutes, any time between 10-30 minutes is enough time to successfully whiten your teeth.

SNOW LED best techonology


 If you have any further questions, please message us on Facebook, Instagram DM, or reach us on Our team is always more than happy to help! We also have more videos on our SNOW YouTube Channel! 

Here is our  YouTube Tutorial on our SNOW Wired System!