Helping Children in Need

It’s no secret that good oral hygiene is an important aspect of one’s overall health. There are studies that connect plaque to heart disease and cavities to gum disease and more. After all, the mouth is a gateway for bacteria to the entire body. 


Many diseases have indicators that show up in the mouth or symptoms that begin as mouth sores or sore throats or the like. So, in order to help keep these diseases at bay, it’s important to maintain a healthy oral environment so nothing more harmful can pass through. 


Dental visits typically begin within the first year of a child’s life so that proper health and growth can be ensured. The first teeth begin to appear at this time and making sure it is growing properly is important for the proper growth and health of future teeth


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Despite the importance of dental care in a child’s early years, many children and families do not have access to dental care. Be it the cost, lack of insurance, transportation, or other factors, As of a 2014 study, almost 15% of children between 2 and 8 years old had untreated cavities in their primary or baby teeth. This statistic only increased as the children grew older, outlining a significant issue with access to dental care. 


In some areas, there simply aren’t enough dentists available within a reasonable distance, making it harder or even impossible for these people to see an oral health professional. 


There are organizations out there who have made increasing this access their mission in order to bring these people the care they need.  


Snow also has this mission. Striving to bring healthy smiles to their community, Snow is dedicated to spreading access to dental health to those in need. 


With every teeth whitening kit sold, Snow donates proceeds to helping these families in need who are in need of proper oral care. Snow truly cares about the well -being of those in their community and worldwide and it is their mission to bring everyone they reach a healthier, happier smile while giving back to those in need. 


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Every sale made donates a portion to helping these children who don’t have access to dentists, giving them a chance at a healthier life. It’s this care for their customers that sets Snow apart from other companies and really makes them an oral care company, not just a teeth whitening system. Help to spread these healthy smiles by picking up a product of Snow’s today.


Donate to Mission of Mercy to help children get the care they need HERE. Email with your donation amount for a coupon to our store in the amount of your donation!