9 Asian Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets to Incorporate into Your Routine

9 Asian Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets to Incorporate into Your Routine

Our favorite tips from Asia to get flawless skin.
By: Taylor DiGiro

Asian women are known for their beautiful skin, often times looking decades younger than they are. These tips are simple tasks that are incorporated into the Asian lifestyle that help to maintain their youthful look.


  • 1. Drink Green Tea

  • Think of green tea as that magic potion you always wanted as a kid, because that’s basically what it is! Green tea is full of antioxidants and nutrients that do amazing things for the body.

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  • 2. Use Mint On Your Face

  • Mint is great for a lot of things, including Mojitos! Using mint on the skin helps to cure infections and itchiness, as well as a good way to reduce acne.

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  • 3. Exfoliate With Coffee Beans

  • Coffee all around! Using ground up coffee beans on the face will naturally exfoliate dead skin and leave it silky smooth without irritation.

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    4. Whiten Your Teeth

    The Asian culture drinks a lot of tea, which stains their teeth yellow. This is why they whiten their teeth! Snow Teeth Whitening has an awesome system that does not use any harsh chemical, which means it’s safe for your body!

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  • 5. Cut Down On Dairy Consumption

  • Dairy items are known for inflammation, not cool. By cutting down on consuming dairy product, you will not only feel better, but you’ll look it too!

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  • 6. Moisturize Like No Other

  • Your skin needs moisturizer! In the morning, after your shower, before bed, moisturize. It will help to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

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  • 7. Hydrate Your Skin Throughout The Day

  • Rose water spray is amazing, and it smells good too! Hydrate your skin to keep your skin looking it’s best all day long.

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    8. Eat Fresh Fruit For Dessert

    We’ve all heard this before, but it’s true. Most common desserts are full of sugar which does nothing nice for your skin. Women in Asia often choose fresh fruit to cure their sweet tooth after a meal.

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  • 9. Practice Mouth Stretches

  • Mouth stretching is like yoga for the face! Stretching your mouth moves the skin on your face and slows down the aging process while toning facial and neck muscles. It also feels really good!

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